Here is how we suggest you handle those pesky blank spaces in your CV:

  1. Make use of a summary statement 
  2. Highlight your strengths 
  3. List your education before work experience 
  4. Be prepared to be asked about it during an interview

A CV gap is a period where you were unemployed. For the hiring manager, these gaps could raise red flags as well as lead to negative assumptions about your work ethic. 

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1. Summary Statement 

A summary statement is a short paragraph that highlights your professional experience and skills. This will usually feature at the top of your CV. 

To bridge any gaps between employment and unemployment, strategically use the summary statement to explain briefly. 

Do not directly explain why you have left your previous job. Instead, discuss where you are in your career and the skills you have gained. As well as what you hope to achieve in the future.

This will help clear up any inconsistencies that may worry about the hiring manager.

2. Strengths 

Rather than taking up valuable space explaining inconsistencies, use it to make your CV so strong that recruiters overlook these gaps.

Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for by highlighting all the skills that make you the best candidate for their company. 

3. Education before Work Experience 

If you have graduated recently, your qualification will still be quite relevant to hiring managers. 

When structuring your CV, make sure to put the education section before your work experience. This will lessen the impact of any gaps since you have graduated may have on employers.

4. Interview

If you can land an interview, do not be caught off-guard. Be prepared to answer any questions regarding the gaps.

When answering, aim to tackle these questions quickly and honestly.

Do not bad-mouth previous employers, instead use this opportunity to indicate how you have used the gap as a way to improve yourself. 

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Author: Layla Theunissen 
Last Updated: December 8, 2020