Congratulations, you have just completed your matric exams. Here are a few simple tips to land  an entry-level job: 

  1. Sell your strengths 
  2. Customise your CV to the position you’re applying for
  3. Post Your CV on Career Sites
  4. Network 
  5. Volunteer 

Entry-level jobs were created to give people who are new to the workforce an opportunity to gain experience and begin their careers.

people working on finding an entry level job

1. Sell Your Strengths 

Seeing as you have little to no work experience, it is important to play on your strengths in your CV. 

Throughout high school, you may have gained many transferable skills, such as teamwork and communication. These transferable skills will benefit you in impressing potential employers.

Ensure that you list all the relevant ones in your CV or read more here for a breakdown of transferable skills.

2. Customise your CV 

Tailoring your CV to the job you’re applying for is still incredibly important even when you may not have much work experience. 

Review the job description and prioritize the required skills in your resume.

3. Post your CV

Various job sites include entry-level jobs, such as Indeed and Careers24. These sites allow you to post your CV so that employers can find you. 

You can also activate job notifications so that you will be alerted when any positions are available.

4. Network

Make use of LinkedIn and networking events to connect and let people know that you’re looking for an entry-level job. 

Show interest in companies and any openings that may be available. 

Employers may be impressed by your initiative and help you get your start in the workplace.

5. Volunteer 

Volunteering is extremely important in building your CV. The more work-based experiences you’re exposed to, the faster your professional network will grow. 

This will not only enhance your CV but will also increase your chances of getting hired. 

Volunteering or interning can also transition into a full-time job. 

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Author: Layla Theunissen 
Last Updated: December 9, 2020