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Who We Are

Bellview Institute is a private distance learning college in South Africa, offering top accredited career development courses. It is ideal for those looking to level up and become successful in their chosen career path.

We have taken the time to carefully design each one of our courses to allow students to be able to work and study at the same time. As well as gaining all the necessary knowledge and skills that future employers look for. Here at Bellview, we aim to support our students every step of the way to ensure their success!

Why We Got Involved In Education

We believe that the learning never stops, there is always room for improvement. More than often people find themselves stuck in the same position for years without any growth or movement in their careers. 

By furthering your education, you are building on your knowledge and skills, making yourself a viable candidate for future opportunities. Distance learning has made studying further much easier for working individuals with busy schedules. Not only is it more flexible, but also cost effective. Our career-boosting courses are affordable, nationally recognised and accredited, with the intent on helping you reach your goals!

Our Vision

We are a very successful and profitable business that delivers great education products and services that we are not only proud of, but also makes an impact in the lives of our others.

Our Values

Success starts within yourself. Your values are the core principles that run your life, or business life. It impacts your attitude towards the way you see or do things and they help you grow. We aim to align our values to every part of our institution, from your first point of contact, to all those behind the scenes. Click here to find out what values we incorporate in our everyday lives at Bellview.

Distance Learning with Bellview

In short, Distance Learning means no classes!

With Distance Learning:

  • You are able to study anywhere and at any time. In your bedroom or at the library, in the morning or the night, you decide!
  • No set class schedules – completely in control of determining how many hours and at what pace you study at.
  • Zero commitment of having to spend your day in lectures, so you can work during the day.

Bellview will supply you with all your necessary study materials needed for your chosen course, with no hidden costs, and right to your doorstep!

What Makes Bellview Special

Here at Bellview Institute, we aim to give you a stress-free experience with seamless service. This means no long waiting periods for study materials or feedback on assignments. You will receive continuous support and guidance throughout your studies, whether it’s from one of our study groups or from our friendly team. Our staff is only one call away when needed, simply pick up the phone and we’ll be ready to assist in whichever way we can.

We have tons of benefits to offer our students, which you can view here.

Studying on-the-go has never been easier!