Advance your career with distance learning

Advance Your Career With Distance Learning  

While still a relatively new way of studying for most, distance learning just happens to be perfect for the working professional. Studying from home is your chance to develop your career and get qualified fast.

How does distance learning work? 

Distance learning is all about you. You decide on the when and where.


At Bellview Institute, once you are registered you will receive your first package of textbooks and study material within 3 to 7 working days. Our quality tutors are then there to guide you along the ins and outs of your distance learning journey...

Benefits of distance learning

Studying at home is such an independent experience. You get to advance your career at the pace that you best see fit. When you are able to manage your time wisely, you can begin your career and study for the next step up. It’s the best of both worlds!

Advance your career from the comfort of your home 

Distance learning is completely online. No more noisy classrooms, you get to pick your ideal learning location. This way you can structure your study schedule around your working hours without having to commit to attending a class. You are able to get your start in the workplace while simultaneously preparing for your next step up. 


Study on your own time 

Not only do you choose the place, but the time as well! Get the most out of your course by going through it as fast or slow as you want.Who knows the pace you learn best, better than you!


You get to structure your study time table with your mind at ease, there is no rush or fear of being behind on work. You no longer have to compromise on your education or your career because with Bellview Institute, they go hand in hand. 



How distance learning can advance your career

Distance learning offers you multiple ways to improve your skills or acquire new ones! This is extremely beneficial when either kick-starting your career or applying for that new promotion. You can choose one out of many accredited courses that will help you get closer to your dream job.       



What is the difference between online and distance learning?

Although both online and distance learning allow you to study from home, they are not the same. 

Course Length 

This is one of the biggest differentiators when online and distance learning are compared. While online courses generally take up to 10-16 weeks to complete, distance learning may take much longer as it is completely at your pace. 


With distance learning, exams are written at exam centres and assignments have to be submitted whereas with online courses it is all done exclusively online.


Majority of online courses are not accredited while with distance learning they are!

Learning material 

All online course work is accessible digitally while distance learning study material is physical copies that are delivered straight to your home.


Why you should choose Bellview

Bellview Institute offers top quality accredited qualifications for the working professional. If you are ambitious, and are in the process of  building a successful career, then Bellview is the right fit for you.

Our high impact and career focused courses are catered to ensuring that you can work and study at the same time. At Bellview we are dedicated to giving you exactly what you need, so that you can get qualified and advance your career in no time.


Not only are our courses of high quality but so is our support. We have professional tutors and trained academic staff that will help you pass your course.


Steer your success and start your distance learning journey today, register with Bellview now.  








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