What Would You Like to Study?

Business Managers handshake in office

Business Management

Business Management is part of every business in the world and having a qualification in Business Management means that you will find it quite easy to find a job.

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Financial Management data displayed in a graph on a computer screen

Financial Management

Want to manage a company’s finances? In order to start or run a successful business, you need to have excellent financial management knowledge and skills.

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Child with painted hands at educare


Do you have a passion for kids and Would you like to educate our future leaders? If yes, our Educare Courses are just what you need to get started and succeed.

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Management assistant showing her colleague something on her laptop

Management Assistant

This will teach you the skills you need to have to be a successful Management Assistant. You will learn skills like Communication, Office Practice, and Computer Practice.

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Legal secretary having a discussion with colleagues

Legal Secretary

We offer you three comprehensive legal certificates. Whereas each qualification aims to improve the skills of the previous one.

Enrolling for our Legal Secretary Course will equip you with not only the skill but the confidence to fight alongside top South African lawyers. Read more about our courses below.

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Person holding a tablet with marketing information

Marketing Management

Enroll in one of our 3 Marketing Management Courses and change the way the world see’s billboards, TV ads and digital campaigns. You could be responsible for all this! Learn more on each of our courses below.

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