2020 is finally over, and most of us have already set out what we want to achieve in 2021. But what about your career resolutions for the new year? 

Here are a few career-boosting resolutions to consider this year:

  • Learn a New Skill 
  • Update your Resumé 
  • Expand your Network 
  • Free up Storage Space 
  • Find a Mentor 
  • Get One New Professional Qualification 
  • Plan your Days 
  • Set Goals 
  • Take on Challenging Projects 

Learn a New Skill 

Apart from
strengthening the skills you already have, seek to gain some new ones.

No matter what field you are in, there are loads of hard and soft skills that you could learn to benefit your career. 

Find a skill or two that you have been wanting to learn, and go for it!

Update your Resumé 

Pull out that old
resumé of yours and take a look at it. Does the format and context need updating? 

Even if you aren’t planning to look for a new job, you never know when new opportunities may arise. 

Update it regularly, and don’t forget to add those new skills you’ve learnt along the way.

Expand your Network 

Make this the year to expand your
network, and strengthen old connections.

A strong professional network can be beneficial  if you lose your job or if you are on the hunt for new opportunities.

Create at least one professional networking connection per month and reach out to old ones.

Message them or go out for lunch, maintaining a strong network is crucial to succeed.

Free up Storage Space 

Free up some space on your computer and in your workspace. 

Go through old documents and determine what is still relevant and needed. If it no longer is, put it in the recycle bin.

The same goes for your inbox. Delete old emails that serve no purpose being there anymore.

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Find a Mentor 

Find a work mentor to help guide you this year. The right mentor can be extremely helpful in your career. 

Look for a professional in your field who you can turn to for advice and guidance whenever needed.

Plus, a mentor is another person to add to your network!

Get One New Professional Qualification

Advance your career this year and expand your knowledge. 

Find a course you are interested in. Not only will you gain knowledge and skills, but it will also open doors to new opportunities. Don’t forget to update your resume.

Take a look at our course selection and approach your employer with the idea, perhaps they are willing to pay for it.

Plan your Days 

Being organised in the New Year is usually a popular career resolution. 

Plan your days out in a diary or on your calendar. Include deadlines and tasks for the week, and be sure to prioritise them so that you can stay ahead this year.

Set Goals 

Where do you want to be by the end of the year? 

Set short-term and long-term goals for what you want to achieve in your career. Follow these steps on setting goals.

With each goal you complete you will be more motivated and closer to your end goal.

Take on Challenging Projects 

Step out of your comfort zone this year and volunteer to work on challenging projects. 

Not only will you gain new skills and experience, but you will also make yourself noticeable to management. As a result, they may even consider you for future promotions.

How to stick to your Career Resolutions

Setting up New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year are hyped up so much, but soon forgotten. 

Make your first resolution this year to stick to yours. Here’s a few tips to help you:

  • Set realistic resolutions 
  • Keep your list short 
  • Remember why you set them
  • Create an accountability and support system
  • Commit to them 

Tick One Resolution Off Your List, Enroll at Bellview!

Is one of your resolutions to gain a new qualification? 

Bellview Institute has a variety of accredited career-development courses to help boost your career.

Distance Learning is ideal for working individuals like you looking to improve your career this year. You are able to work and study at the same time!

Contact us using one of the following ways:

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Author: Kayla Preston
Last Updated: 05 January 2021

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