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Course Summary

Course Name:
Adult Matric – Amended Senior Certificate
Certification Type:
Course Level:

Adult Matric (Amended Senior Certificate)

You do have the opportunity to finish your matric, even if you are older than 21 years and have been out of school for many years.

Amended Senior Certificates or Adult Matric Certificates are the same certificates as traditional matric certificates. Both of these certificates are awarded by Umalusi.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, (in partnership with our sister college, Matric College) offers an Adult Matric programme for students who want to complete their matric. Here is all the information you require.

Course Information:

Course:Amended Senior Certificate
Programme Type:National Qualification
Award Type :Senior Certificate
Award Issued By:Umalusi
Accredited By:Umalusi
Course Duration:12-24 months recommended
NQF level:level 04
SAQA ID Number:49647
Entrance requirement:Grade 9 (Standard 7) certificate school report OR
A grade 9 equivalent
Accredited programme (for example, the ABET programme- must be NQF Level 1 and it must include two official languages)
An incomplete matric result
21 years and older to write the exams

What Is The Difference Between An Adult Matric Certificate, And A School Matric Certificate?
Here are the differences between the two certificates:

Choosing Your Subjects

Before you choose your subjects, consider the following things:

  • Choose subjects that you feel confident about and that can be passed easily. (eg. From Mathematics to Mathematical Literacy)
  • Select subjects that will help you in your job, career, or the course you choose to study in the future.
  • You must choose two languages, one must be “Home Language”
  • You have to choose 3 compulsory subjects
  • You must also choose 3 elective subjects

Subjects Offered for Adult Matric

The College offers compulsory and elective subjects. Here is all you need to know about these subjects.

Compulsory Subjects

These are the subjects you must choose. You must choose a home language, additional language, and one of the mathematics options provided. Here is the College selection:

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Other First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Literacy

Elective Subjects

These subjects are not compulsory as they are optional, this means that you can select the subjects you feel most comfortable with. Here is the College selection:

  • Life Science (Used to be Biology)
  • Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry)
  • Business, Commerce and Management Studies
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Human and Social Science
  • Geography
  • History

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Adult Matric Course?

Technically, a matric course in South Africa takes about three years starting from grade 10. What this means is that Grade 10, 11, and 12 work will be included in your final exams.

An Adult Matric course works the same way. You could complete it in less than 3 years, depending on the number of subjects you do and how fast you can get through it.

This means that some students have completed their matric in a year whilst most students take between two and three years.

When you do your matric in two years you can do three subjects in the first year and the remainder in the second year.

Accreditation And Registration 

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is registered by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for the QCTO. Bellview is also Accredited for the NATED programmes by the QCTO. It is Registered with the Department of Higher Education Exams Division, for the NATED exams.

As an educational body, the Adult Matric course offered at the College does not require an accreditation process.

National Senior Certificates, commonly known as matric certificates hold the following accreditation and registration:

How Does The Registration Process Work At Bellview?

These are the steps you need to follow when you register for the Adult Matric Course:

Step 1: Call the course experts and register for the Adult Matric Course

Step 2: Your study material will be delivered to your door between 5 to 7 days once your registration has been approved 

Step 3: You will be given access to Matric Whatsapp study groups

Step 4: By this time you can submit your first assignment to the tutors. They will give you feedback and track your progress

Step 5: Talk to fellow students and your tutors throughout your studies

Step 6: To assist you with your study process, access the collection of Matric past papers to prepare you for the final Adult Matric exams

Step 7: The College will help you register for the exams. The Adult Matric examination registration opens around November

Step 8: You will be invited to attend the College online exam preparation courses that help prepare you for your final exams

Step 9: The exams will be written in May and June every year

Step 10: Once you pass your Adult exams, you will receive a matric certificate that is accredited by Umalusi

What Will You Get From College?

Studying through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning means that you will receive quality education and constant support. When you choose Matric College you can expect the following:

  • Your study material is included in your fees
  • The College has developed study notes for their students to get the best out of their experience
  • Access to past papers and answers to prepare you for the exams
  • On the Whatsapp group your peers, lecturers, and tutors will assist you with questions that you need answers to. This will make your Adult Matric journey easier
  • Between 8 am to 5 pm you will be able to access academic support
  • The College team will mark the assignments and give you feedback on where you need to improve
  • The College will call you and make sure you stay motivated
  • They will also make sure you create optimal study schedules and stay on track in general
  • When you register for the Adult exams in November, the College will help you where they can
  • If your studies are paid in full you can add an additional year of studies at no extra cost.

What Is Not Included In The Course?

The exam fees are not included in your Adult Matric fees. You are required to pay an exam fee to the Exam Centre you choose to write your exams.

What Does The College Require From You?

This is what the College requires from you:

  • To make use of your study schedule
  • Complete all your coursework
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Get involved in your studies
  • Make use of the exam preparation tool
  • Know what to do if things go wrong

How Much Does It Cost?

You need to contact one of the College course experts to find out more.

How Does Distance Learning Studies Work At Bellview?

This is how distance learning works at the College:

  • You will register over the phone for the Adult Matric programme 
  • Your study material will be couriered to you 
  • Do not buy any extra study material. The College will provide the material to pass your Adult Matric course
  • Start working on your studies and assignments ONCE you receive your study material 
  • Have our skilled tutors mark your assignments once it is done 
  • Our tutors will give you in-depth feedback, for improvement 
  • Throughout your studies, you can talk to our tutors and your classmates on designated Whatsapp groups
  • The College will have online exam preparation workshops to get you ready for your final exams 
  • With the past papers that the College offers all our students, you will have the ultimate tools to help you in your exam preparation 
  • Exam registration usually opens in November each year
  • If you do the Adult Matric course over two years, it will not cost you more