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Matric Upgrade: Amended Senior Certificate

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At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, it is simple and easy to get your Amended Senior Certificate. An Amended Senior Certificate is exactly the same as a National Senior Certificate. With upgrading your matric you improve on the matric end-of-year marks you achieved the first time you wrote your examinations.

These certificates are also awarded by Umalusi.

The benefit of upgrading your matric is that you choose to either upgrade all of your subjects or just a few.   


Course Information:

Course:Amended Senior Certificate
Programme Type:National Qualification
Award Type :Senior Certificate
Award Issued By:Umalusi
Accredited By:Umalusi
Course Duration:12-24 months recommended
NQF level:level 04
SAQA ID Number:49647
Entrance requirement:
  • A Grade 9 (Standard 7) school report
  • A Grade 9 equivalent, accredited programme, for example, the ABET programme – note that the programme must be at NQF Level 1, and it must include two official languages
  • An incomplete matric result
  • You need to be 21 years old when you write your exams during May and June.

Even if you failed your Matric the first time around, or you did not get the results you wanted or needed for further tertiary education, with the option to upgrade your results for your subjects, you can pass Matric and get a brand new Senior Certificate. This certificate will reflect the combined result of both exam sessions, as one mark.  

Using our Matric Upgrade programme it is thus possible to combine both sets of matric results. This means that the marks you received for your first matric exam can be merged with the results of your adult matric exams. 

When you sit to write a supplementary matric exam session through our Matric Upgrade program, the results you get for the subjects you choose to rewrite are used in conjunction with the results you achieved during your previous exam session. Both sets of results are then used to calculate your highest average result for that subject. This result will then be the one reflected on your reissued Senior Certificate and awarded to you by Umalusi.

By writing your Adult Matric through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, it is easy and simple to achieve the best results you can, upgrading matric is the best way to get the highest combined results possible.

General Course Information

Course: Amended Senior Certificate: Adult Matric
Programme Type: National Certificate
Award Type: Senior Certificate
Award Issued By: Umalusi
Accredited By: Umalusi
Course Duration: 12 to 24 months
NQF Level: NQF Level 4
SAQA ID Number: 49647 

Entrance Requirements: 

  • You will need a Grade 9 (Standard 7)  school certificate or equivalent certificate from an accredited institution. For example, The ABET programme, must be NQF Level 1 and include two official languages, OR
  • An incomplete Matric result, Or
  • Your end of year result from Umalusi for your matric year
  • You have to be 21 years or older when you write your examination in May of next year
Matric Upgrade 1

Subject Information

At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, we offer you a large variety of subjects to choose from when upgrading. Some of these are compulsory, while others are offered as selective. 

Before choosing your subjects consider the following:

  • Choose subjects that you feel confident with. These will be subjects you know you will pass for sure
  • Look for subjects that will help you in your job, career, or field of study in the future
  • You have to choose two languages, one of which must be your Home Language
  • You have to select three compulsory subjects
  • You also have to choose three elective subjects
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Subjects Offered By Bellview

Compulsory Subjects

These are the subjects that you have to choose when enrolling with us to do your Adult Matric Certificate. Two languages (one of which must be your home language) and one of the mathematical options given.

Here are your options:

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Other First Additional Language
  • Mathematics OR Mathematics Literacy

Elective Subjects

These are the subjects that you get to select freely. This means you get to choose from a list of subjects, only those that you are comfortable with.

Here are your options:

  • Life Science (Formerly Biology)
  • Physical Science (Formerly Physics and Chemistry)
  • Business, Commerce and Management Studies
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Human and Social Science
  • Geography
  • History
Matric Upgrade 2

How Does Registration Work?

There are a few required steps you need to take to register for your Adult Matric Certificate. Registering through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is easy and simple to do.

Follow these steps to register:

  1. Call, or WhatsApp, our course specialists, will assist you to register for your Adult Matric Course
  2. Once your registration is complete all of your study material will then be sent to your doorstep in five to seven working days
  3. You will receive access to the Matric WhatsApp study groups
  4. This is about the time you will be submitting your first assignment to your tutors. Your tutors will then give you feedback and track your progress
  5. It is important that even though you will be studying remotely, that you get in contact with and keep in contact with your fellow students and your tutors
  6. Be sure to properly prepare for your final matric exams by getting past exam papers to use for practice before you write your final papers
  7. We will assist you to register for the examinations. This usually happens once the registration is open for new applicants. Registration opens during November of each year
  8. An invitation will be sent to you to attend the online exam preparation courses before you write your first paper, this is to properly prepare you for success
  9. Examinations take place every year during May and June
  10. Once you complete your exams, Umalusi will issue you with your National Senior Certificate

What Is Provided By Bellview Institute of Distance Learning?

Once you are registered with us for your Adult Matric Exams, you will get the best quality education and constant support from us. Bellview takes pride in giving you the best support possible and we will commit to helping you every step of the way.

There are many benefits to Upgrading your Matric with Bellview. Daily we work hard to improve the support and help that we can give you. 

You can expect the following once you apply with us for your matric:

  • All of your study material is included in your fees
  • We provide you with well-developed study notes, to enable you to have the best experience possible
  • You will be given access to past exam papers and answers to help you prepare
  • Once you join the various WhatsApp groups, your peers, lecturers, and tutors will assist you with any questions
  • Between 08:00 and 17:00 you will have access to our amazing academic support team
  • Your assignments will be marked and you will receive feedback on where to focus or improve
  • Regularly we will reach out to you to make sure you stay on track and motivated
  • We will provide you with an optimal study schedule to help you through the work
  • Once you have registered for your Adult Matric in November we will help you wherever we can
  • You receive an extra study year at no extra cost if your studies are paid in full

What Is Not Provided By Bellview Institute of Distance Learning?

Your examination fee, which is payable to your specific Exam Centre where you choose to write your Adult Matric is not provided by Bellview. You will need to pay the specific Centre.

What do We Require From You?

There are a few things we require from your side as well:

  • Make sure to use your study schedule
  • Your coursework must be completed in full
  • When you need help reach out to us for help
  • You need to be actively involved in your studies
  • Use our Exam preparation tool effectively
  • Know and understand what to do if things go wrong

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading your matric involves improving the marks of your subjects and combining the results to show your best marks. You can choose different subjects for a matric upgrade – you do not need to write the same subjects you had the first time.

To upgrade your matric you would have needed to write your matric once before, and have received the results. Only then can you apply to upgrade your matric.

You have the opportunity to upgrade your matric during May and June each year when you write the Adult Matric examinations. The marks achieved in these exams are then merged with the marks you got in school. After writing your exams, Umalusi will combine your first set of marks with your new marks for the subjects you chose to rewrite. They will then issue you a new Matric Certificate with your best marks for all subjects.

The answer is definitely a big yes. By upgrading your matric results you open doors to more study and career opportunities.

Yes, you can rewrite your matric examinations as many times as is needed to get the results you want. You are not limited to a set amount of writing opportunities.

When you simply rewrite your matric examination, you have to be younger than 21 and you will only be allowed to rewrite two of your subjects. Rewriting your matric means that your first results get combined with your results from the rewrite. You are not allowed to choose new subjects when rewriting your matric exams.

Upgrading your matric means that you can improve all your subjects marks you received the first time. You are not limited to just two subjects. Upgrading means you can even use the Adult examinations to choose completely new subjects.

Yes, they can, upon completion of your Adult Matric Examinations you can reach out to Umalusi. You simply request them to combine your results and they will then issue you a new Matric Certificate. Only your best results will be on the reissued Matric Certificate.

A matric end-of-year examination is the collective knowledge of three years of study. Grades 10, 11, and 12 are all a part of your matric examination. This means that it should take you three years to complete. By writing your Adult Matric course through our programme the benefit is that it will not take you three years to complete this programme. Our Adult Matric is set up and presented to you in a way to help you finish as quickly as possible. Even though you will be writing your exams, which cover all of the coursework for three years of high school, all coursework is provided to you at the same time. You can thus work through it all at your own pace, and with the support from our side, you will be able to write in no time at all.

With the way we handle an Adult Matric Certificate at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, where you can choose how many subjects to tackle and when you want to tackle them, it is easy to obtain your matric certificate in under three years. 

For some people, it’s easy enough to finish it in 12 months, while others take 24 or 36 months. This depends on your choice of course length and subjects.

The Adult Matric Certificate programme has no accreditation process for education providers. Thus we can offer the Amended National Senior Certificate to you. 

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is accredited by several boards:

  • The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)
  • The QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations)
  • The Department of Higher Education (which allows us to offer you the NATED Courses) 

We are thus able to offer many accredited certificates and diplomas. As there is no accreditation process for a Matric Certificate an institution does not need specific accreditation to offer it to you. 

To find out exactly how much you will need to pay as well as the different payment options and methods, you can call on one of our course experts who will provide you with all the information you need.

In simple terms, no there is no difference between the two. Both of them carry the same accreditation and require the exact same study work and course work to be done. Umalusi is responsible for the Matric Examinations so the Certificate you get from them either in school or as an adult is the same.


Yes, there is one clear difference. When you do your matric examinations during your school years, the mark reflected on your matric results is a combination of your classwork, such as assignments and essays, and your final exam mark.

If you are doing the Adult Matric Programmes, there is no classwork to be done, so there is no class mark. Your final results will be only the results you get from your examinations.

When choosing your subjects before you register, keep in mind what you need from your Matric Certificate.

If further studies at a University is what you want, then choosing university entrance subjects will help you get where you want to be. Take a look at which university you want to apply to and find out what their requirements are and which subjects they need. Each will be different.

If you need to improve your CV with a matric certificate or to study a post-matric certificate or diplomas, then there are often no requirements in terms of subjects. If this is the case then you can make life easy for yourself.

Ultimately the best advice is to speak to one of our Adult Matric Course Experts, they will provide the correct advice to ensure you get the best educational experience possible.

No, unfortunately, you cannot upgrade your matric at Unisa. Unisa is a distance learning institute and they only offer post-matric programmes, such as degrees.

No, most TVET colleges offer their independent programmes. Some of these you can study without even passing matric. They also offer their own National Certificate and National Diploma courses that you need matric for before you apply.

The Department of Basic Education has a space on their website where matric results are released. You can simply log in with your student number and personal details to view your matric results.

Once you have finished your matric upgrade exams, your new matric results and the previous results that you did not improve upon will be made into a single certificate. This is a completely new matric certificate with all of your best results.

To apply for a Matric Upgrade, you will need:

  • Your original matric certificate with your marks
  • You can apply when you are 19, but you must be 21 years old when you write your exam

The minimum pass requirements for the Senior Certificate are:

  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 40% for two other subjects
  • 30% for three other subjects

You can fail one of your subjects as long as you still get a minimum of 30% for each of your other subjects.

No, you cannot. Buying a matric certificate is a legal offense that could lead to a big fine, jail time, or both.

Matric is equivalent to an NQF level 4 qualification.

Yes, you can choose to complete your Adult Matric in 12, 24, or 36 months.

A Matric Upgrade is on an NQF level 04.

The Matric Upgrade is awarded and accredited by Umalusi.

Yes, the Matric Upgrade has the following SAQA ID number: 49647.

Yes, you can. So long as you have a Matric Certificate and are over the age of 21 you are eligible to upgrade your matric.

The Matric qualification is on an NQF level 04.

You need to meet the following Matric requirements to register for Matric upgrade:

  • You must have completed your Matric year and have your marks
  • You must be 21 years of age when writing the exams but can apply at 19 years of age

No, you cannot. It takes at least 12 months to upgrade your Matric.

A Matric Upgrade is an Amended Senior Certificate, which is exactly the same as a National Senior Certificate.

To find out the current course fees, contact one of our course specialists.

Yes, upgrading your Matric is a good idea. It will help you get the marks required for entry into different course studies.

The Matric Upgrade course is designed to help give you another chance at your Matric final exam marks. By letting you redo your exams, you can get better marks on the exams you feel you would like to improve, so that you can obtain a better overall Senior Certificate.

After completing your upgrade exams, the marks you will receive will replace the marks that you had in your previous exams.

Yes, you can. You can add new subjects when you choose to upgrade your matric.

If you wish to upgrade your Grade 12 results, then you can write the Adult Matric exams that take place in June and November.

The following colleges offer Matric Upgrade Courses:

  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • Matric College
  • Skills Academy

The difference between Matric Upgrade and Matric Rewrite is:

  • Matric upgrade is more suitable if you would like to redo subjects that you did not pass and add new subjects.
  • Matric rewrite is better known as supplementary exams. You can rewrite the subjects that you did not pass.

If you did not pass your matric, you can apply at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. You can apply for the Matric Upgrade: Amended Senior Certificate or the Matric Rewrite: Amended Senior Certificate course to improve your marks.

Our Matric Upgrade: Amended Senior Certificate course allows you to upgrade up to six subjects.

Yes. you can. At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, you are allowed to add subjects to your Matric Certificate rewrite. Remember that you will have to take compulsory and elective subjects.

Yes, they do. Universities will accept your upgraded marks provided that you have achieved the following:

  • A Bachelors Degree Pass
  • A good APS Score

If you would like to improve your marks, you can apply at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. We offer a Matric Upgrade course that can help you improve your marks.

No, it does not. NSFAS will not fund you if you are upgrading your matric marks. NSFAS only funds higher education courses offered in public education institutions.

It will take you 12 – 24 months to complete the Matric Upgrade course.

You will need to be 21 years or older when you write your Matric exam.

A Matric Upgrade is for people who failed their Matric or people who want to improve their Matric results.

There are the entrance requirements for the Matric upgrade course:

  • Grade 9 certificate
  • Grade 9 equivalent
  • Incomplete Matric results
  • Matric results can be or needs to be improved
  • Be 21 years old when you write you May/June exams

There is no limit to the number of times you may upgrade your Matric. You are eligible to upgrade until you get the results that you desire.

Yes it is a good idea because it will help you gain better marks. These marks can help you gain admission into the course you want to study at university or college. Please note that this is provided you meet the requirements that the course has.

The registration deadline for matric examinations closed on 17 August 2022. Students who want to rewrite their exams will have to register during the next exam registration period.

No, NSFAS will not cover the cost of a Matric Upgrade. NSFAS only funds tertiary studies at public institutions.

The difference lies in who qualifies for which type of exam. If you passed Matric but were dissatisfied with your grades, you qualify for an upgrade, to improve them. However, supplementary exams are for those who have written their Matric exams but did not pass, so they are given another chance to write and obtain a Matric certificate.

Upgrading your Matric means that you have completed your Matric but you are not happy with the results you got. You will then be upgrading your marks by redoing the subject/s. You could also choose completely different subjects if you need to.

The Matric certificate is an NQF level 4 qualification.

The Matric Upgrade certification type is a National Senior Certificate.

The Matric Upgrade course could take you between 12 and 24 months to complete.

The Matric Upgrade Amended Senior Certificate is issued by Umalusi.

The Matric Upgrade SAQA ID number is 49647.

The Matric Upgrade course is accredited by Umalusi.

No, you need to be 21 years old or older to write your Matric upgrade exams in May/June.

The Matric exams take place every year during May and June.

You will need a Bachelor’s pass to apply at a University.

It does not matter which pass level you have, all you need to apply for our NATED courses is a Matric Certificate (Amended Senior Certificate or a National Senior Certificate).

The Matric Pass levels are:

  • Bachelors Pass
  • Diploma Pass
  • Higher Certificate Pass
  • Senior Certificate Pass

The minimum requirements for a Bachelors Pass are:

  • Home Language – 40%
  • Four other subjects – 50%
  • Two other subjects – 30%

The highest Matric pass level is the Bachelors Degree pass.

The lowest Matric pass level is the National Senior Certificate pass level.

Author: Morné van Emmenis
Editor: Sanel Van Staden
Date Published: November 30, 2021