Senior Certificate

If you do not have your Matric Certificate yet, you can study the Senior Certificate course here at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning to get one.

If you have a grade 9 certificate and are over the age of 21, you will be able to apply for an Adult Matric course and work towards your Amended Senior Certificate. An Amended Senior Certificate is on the exact same level as a traditional Matric Certificate (NSC).

How Do I Choose My Subjects For The Senior Certificate Course?

You should choose your subjects based on what interests you or if you want to pursue further education with your senior certificate, you need to check which subjects are required to enter a specific course. 

You can also select subjects that will help you in the future career you want to pursue. For example, if you want to enter a career in a business environment, you should take the Business, Commerce and Management Studies subject.

What Are The Compulsory Subjects For The Senior Certificate Course?

Here is a list of the compulsory subjects of the Senior certificate course:

You will need to decide on one (1) Home Language subject, one (1) First Additional Language subject and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy. This brings you to a total of three (3) compulsory subjects.

What Are The Elective Subjects For The Senior Certificate Course?

Below, you will find a list of the elective subjects for your senior certificate course:

You will need to pick any three (3) of these subjects.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Senior Certificate Course?

It will take a minimum of 12 months to complete your Senior Certificate and write all of your examinations, but it can take longer depending on whether you are studying part-time or full-time. Some students take up to 36 months to complete their Senior Certificate studies.

In essence, you can choose to complete your Senior Certificate course within a period of 12, 24, or 36 months.

What Is The Difference Between A National Senior Certificate And A Senior Certificate?

The two main differences between a National Senior Certificate and a Senior Certificate are the name and the way they are obtained. Other than those differences, they are exactly the same and hold the same value.

Below you will find a table on a detailed outlay of the differences you will experience when obtaining each of these certificates:

National Senior CertificateSenior Certificate
Obtained after completing Matric in high schoolObtained once students are out of school at a later stage (Adult Matric)
Completed within 12 monthsCan be completed within 12, 24, or 36 months
The final mark is made up of a class mark along with your exam markFinal mark is made up of final Matric exam mark (no class mark)
Completed in a school settingCompleted via Distance Learning
Certificate level: NQF level 05Certificate level: NQF level 05
Awarded by: UmalusiAwarded by: Umalusi

Where Can I Study For My Senior Certificate?

You can study for your Senior certificate at a distance-learning college. Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is the perfect college to do your Senior certificate at. We offer excellent assistance to our students and try to help them as much as possible to pass their course.

Is Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning An Accredited College?

Yes, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is an accredited college. It is accredited by the following entities:

Your Senior certificate is however not an accredited qualification, because it is offered by the department of higher education and training and is awarded by
Umalusi. You can however pursue an accredited qualification after completing your Senior Certificate such as an ICB course or NATED Diploma course.

Why Should I Study With Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning?

You should complete your Senior Certificate with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning because of the many benefits they offer to students, including:

  • Being able to study from any place in South Africa
  • Having the freedom to create your study schedule
  • Being able to work while you study
  • Receiving a high-quality and affordable education
  • Having reliable student support systems
  • Bellview handles the delivery of your study materials
  • Getting fast feedback on your assessments
  • Gaining access to study groups
  • Being able to study a variety of courses
  • Gaining scarce skills
  • Becoming more employable
  • Having the opportunity to pursue high-paying careers
  • Obtaining accredited qualifications that also increase your job security

How Will Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning Help Me Pass My Matric Exams?

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning makes sure that their students have the best study experience possible. They do this by offering constant support to students throughout their courses. Here are some other benefits you will receive by studying with Bellview:

  • All your study material fees are included in the overall course fee
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning has created a comprehensive set of notes, which  allows students to experience their educational journey in the best way possible
  • You will gain access to a variety of past exam papers and model answers which will help to prepare you for your final exams
  • Fellow students, lecturers, and tutors will be available to assist you through WhatsApp groups. They will be able to help you with any questions and queries you may have. This will ensure that you are provided with full support throughout your Senior Certificate journey
  • Bellview’s full academic support team is available from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm on business days
  • Bellview’s team of tutors will mark your assignment as soon as possible and give you feedback on areas where you can improve
  • Bellview has regular check-ins with students to ensure that they stay motivated throughout their studies
  • You will get a suggested study schedule so that you can stay on track with your studies
  • You have the opportunity to register for your Adult Matric course at any time of the year (but keep in mind that exam registration only opens from October to the end of January). Bellview will also support you through the registration process
  • You will get enough time to complete your Senior Certificate course with Bellview; if you have paid your full course fee, you can also add an extra year of study with no extra cost

How Much Does The Senior Certificate Course Cost?

For any questions about our different payment plans and registration queries, you can contact one of our helpful course specialists. They are equipped with all the necessary information to help you choose the payment plan that is best for your circumstances.

Are There Any Additional Fees For The Senior Certificate Course?

Yes, there are some additional costs to our Senior Certificate course. We provide everything in our monthly payment fees, but the only thing that we do not include is the exam fee for your Senior Certificate course.

The exam fees are the fees you need to pay to the exam centre you will be writing your Matric examinations at. These fees can be paid after you have finished studying and are ready to write your exams.

What Can I Do With A Senior Certificate?

With a Senior Certificate, you can do the following:

How Do I Study For My Senior Certificate Via Distance Learning?

In order to study for your Senior Certificate with Bellview, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact one of Bellview’s course specialists and register for the Adult Matric course
  2. You will receive your study material right at your doorstep within five to seven business days after successful registration
  3. Bellview will give you access to various WhatsApp study groups
  4. After successfully working through enough coursework and being able to complete and submit your first assignment, one of Bellview’s tutors will give you comprehensive feedback. You will also be provided with an overarching mark so that you can keep track of your progress
  5. Be sure to communicate with your tutors and other students if you need extra help during your course
  6. You will be given access to Bellview’s whole collection of past exam papers for the duration of your studies. These will help you to see what you already know and what you might need to work on
  7. The registration period for the Senior Certificate course opens in October, and Bellview will help you through the registration process
  8. Before writing your final exams, you will be invited to attend one of Bellview’s online preparation courses. This will help you to get in that extra exam prep
  9. Your final exams will take place in May through June
  10.  After your papers have been marked, and you have successfully completed your course, you will receive your Senior Certificate with an accreditation by Umalusi

How Do I Qualify For The Senior Certificate Course?

You will qualify for the Senior Certificate if you meet the following requirements:

  • A Grade 9 Certificate or Equivalent, such as an ABET Level 4 certificate, which is an NQF Level 1 that includes two official languages
  • Be 21 years old or older
  • Be willing to study via distance learning
  • Read, write and understand either English or Afrikaans

Can An Adult Register For The Senior Certificate Course?

Yes, an adult can register for the Senior Certificate course. You can register for the course as soon as you turn 21. After that, there is no age limit to when you can register for the Senior Certificate course.

Can I Register For The Senior Certificate Course If I Am 19 Years Old?

Yes, you can register for the Senior Certificate course if you are 19 years old. You can then study for your Senior Certificate Examinations until you are 21 years old, when you are eligible to write the final Matric examinations.

How Do I Register For The Senior Certificate Course?

You can register for the Senior Certificate course by contacting us in one of the following ways:

frequently asked questions

No, you cannot buy a Senior certificate. Buying a Matric certificate is against the law and punishable by a fine or jail time.

The NQF Level for a Senior Certificate is NQF Level 4.

The highest Matric pass is a bachelor’s pass. With this type of pass, you can apply for a university course. Provided that you meet the other entry requirements for that course.

The Senior Certificate’s SAQA number is the following: 49647

No, NSFAS does not fund Senior Certificate courses. This is because they help students to further their studies after they have obtained their Matric Certificates

Author: Esmari Pool & Karla Nortier
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: March 29, 2023