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Available Business Management Courses

Business Management Courses

The first two things that come to mind regarding the business industry is “high pay” and “high demand”. It is an industry that requires you to have a deep understanding. Having a Business Management qualification behind your name will give you exactly what you need in order to enter the business world.  

What the Courses Include

The Business Management programme consists of three National Certificate courses, of which each course is a length of 12 months.

When combined with 18 months practical experience, you will have earned your National Diploma Certificate.

  • Business Management N4

The N4 certificate focuses on teaching you the specific knowledge and skills involved in the business industry. It is the first course out of the three in order to receive your qualification.

  • Business Management N5 

In this course you will be exploring what you have learnt in the N4 course a little deeper. After completing your N5, you are able to move on to your final course.

  • Business Management N6

Last but not least, the N6 is the third and final course before receiving your National Diploma. You will be going further in depth with everything you have learnt so far in your N4 and N5 courses.

Entry Requirements 

  • In order to start an N4 course, the only requirement is to have a matric certificate. However, If you decide to move forward and do a N5 or N6 course, you would need to complete the previous level in the course programme.
  • You will earn your National Diploma after completing all three courses. It is to be noted that along with the N4-N6 courses you are required to do practical experience. Overall, you need to have a total of 18 months, which means 6 months per course

What Will I Learn?

Throughout the N4-N6 courses you will be diving deeper in the business world, gaining the necessary knowledge you need. Subjects you can expect to learn in the Business Management courses include:

  • Management Communication
  • Introductory Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • Computer Practice 
  • Sales Management 
  • Public Relations
  • Cost and Management Accounting

Benefits of Studying Business Management 

Doing a Business Management course will equip you with the necessary key skills needed in any role in the business world. 

In short, the key skills you will gain are :

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Critical and strategic thinking 
  • Organisation
  • Presenting
  • Reporting 
  • Time Management

The skills you learn are transferable. Therefore this means that if you decide to change your career, these skills can be applied to other sectors too.

What Does Business Management Involve?

A Business Manager is responsible for managing the company’s daily business functions, as well as the people involved. They need to motivate employees in the company to work better. As a result, employees work more efficiently to complete tasks and accomplish the business goals. 

Studying Business Management allows you to develop a broad understanding of all the functions of a business.

What Can I Become and How Much Can I Earn?

Business Management consistently outperforms any other course in regard to possible career options. With this in mind, having a National Diploma prepares you for the large variety of career options in this field. 

Below are possible careers to explore and their average salary per annum in South Africa, according to PayScale.

Is It Right For Me?

Business Management is the perfect choice for anyone looking to accelerate their career or gain insight into the realities of the business world. 

Some good traits to already have include:

  • Multi-tasking 
  • Decision making 
  • Motivated 
  • Leadership thinking
  • Listening skills

Where Can I Study?

You can study Businesss almost anywhere in South Africa. Either online, at home with distance learning or in a classroom. 

Bellview Institute offers a variety of accredited career development courses, including Business Management. It is the ideal distance learning institute to complete your courses while being able to study anywhere in South Africa. With distance learning, you are completely in control of determining the pace you work and the times you study.

Manage Your Future With Bellview!

Making the decision to study a career development course is the best way to boost your career. If you are looking for a way to level up in the business world, then register today.

Business Management not for you? In that case, have a look at our available course selection and find one that is better suited to you and your future!

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Last Updated: 28 July 2020