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Take a look at the Financial Management courses offered by the Bellview Institute. 

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N4 Financial Management

The Financial Management N4 course is the first of three in our course programme. It focuses on teaching you the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the finance world.

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N5 Financial Management

The Financial Management N5 course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills you have gained a little further in the N4 course. After receiving your certificate, you are able to do the N6.

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N6 Financial Management

The Financial Management N6 course is the final course in the programme before receiving your diploma. You will be going further in depth with everything you have learnt so far in your N4 and N5 courses.

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in finance? Get qualified with a Financial Management course and unlock a world of high earning and diverse job opportunities.

Benefits Of Studying Financial Management 

Studying a Financial Management course can benefit you in more ways than one, take a look at a few of them below: 

  • More Job Opportunities 
  • Use What You Learn 
  • Familiar With Basics
  • Job Satisfaction 

More Job Opportunities

A finance department is vital to all businesses and having a qualification behind your name will make you more desirable to employers. In fact, companies are constantly looking to hire people who are actively improving themselves and their career.

You’ll Use What You Learn

Not only will you be able to apply the knowledge you have learnt to your business, but your personal life as well. As a result, you will learn to budget and keep better track of your finances.

Become Familiar With The Basics

It is crucial to know and understand the fundamentals of your role and its importance to the company. In addition of completing your  Financial Management course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed for your future in finance. 

Increased Job Satisfaction

Studying helps you become more prepared for your role. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you are to the company. Hence, job satisfaction.

Our Financial Management Courses

Our Financial Management programme is packed with everything you need to prepare you for industry. Most importantly,  you will know how to manage finances and understand all the basics of accounting.

N4 Financial Management 

Our N4 Financial Management course focuses on teaching you the basic principles of accounting and how to communicate effectively within the business. 

Certificate Type:

N4 Financial Management


12 Months 

Entry Requirements:

Matric Certificate or equivalent

N5 Financial Management 

Learn more about computerised financial systems that will help you to manage the finances of an organisation. As well as, how to distinguish whether a product will generate a profit or not.

Certificate Type:

N5 Financial Management


12 Months

Entry Requirements:

N4 Financial Management National Certificate

N6 Financial Management 

This final course will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to perform the tasks of an accountant, draw up reports and ledgers, along with managing a company’s finance department.

Certificate Type:

N6 Financial Management


12 Months 

Entry Requirements:

N5 Financial Management National Certificate 

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What Will I Learn?

The three level Financial Management programme will consist of both theoretical and practical work. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Manage finances with computerised systems
  • Identify whether a product or service is profitable
  • Draw up ledgers 
  • Prepare Reports 
  • Oversee a finance department 

Assignments And Examinations 

During your 12 month course there will be a total of three open book assignments per subject which can be completed at home.

You will also write one final exam for each subject, which is set by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The exam can be written during one of the two periods:

  • May / June 
  • October / November

Practical Experience

Along with each course, you are required to complete 6 months of practical work based experience to receive your certificate.

In order to receive your National Diploma, you would need to complete your N4-N6 Financial Management courses, along with a total of 18 months work experience.

The DHET has a free service to help our students to match up with companies offering Work Integrated Learning (WIL) to help you gain your practical experience.   

Is It Accredited?

Yes, it is! The National Diploma qualifications are set and supported by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

The qualifications are accredited by the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and they are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), Which ensures that the courses are credible and meets industry standards. 

Job Opportunities 

Obtaining your Financial Management National Diploma will open up doors to many career opportunities. Below are a few opportunities to consider: 

  • Bookkeeper – Average Monthly Salary R 14 728
  • Accountant – Average Monthly Salary  R 33 746
  • Financial Manager – Average Monthly Salary R 54 074
  • Auditor – Average Monthly Salary R 46 231 
  • Insurance Sales Manager – Average Monthly Salary R 9 699
  • Creditors Clerk – Average Monthly Salary R 10 015

Where To Study Financial Management In South Africa

There are various colleges across South Africa that offer the National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (Nated) course programmes. Bellview Institute is a distance learning college offering the Financial Management programme along with selected Nated courses.

At Bellview we understand the drive to develop one’s career and skills. In fact, we encourage it. This is why our courses have been designed to allow students to obtain their qualification while gaining practical experience that will make them workplace ready. 

Your Career In Finance Awaits

At Bellview we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their dream careers. Our programmes are designed to encourage growth, career development and excellence. 

Get in contact today and allow us to help you become a qualified Financial Manager.

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