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Take a look at the Human Resource Management courses on offer below: 

At the heart of each and every successful business is a strong human resources manager. It takes a certain type of problem solver to keep staff happy and ensure maximum productivity. 

What is Human Resource Management exactly?

Human resource management is a strategic system devised to effectively manage people in a company. The overall mission of human resources is to ensure success through people. This will be carried out through hiring, training and the many other functions of human resource management.

Our courses

Bellview’s Human Resource Management programme consists of three courses, after each one you will receive a National Certificate. Once all have been completed along with 18 months of practical experience you will have obtained a fully accredited National Diploma.

N4 Human Resource Management 

This is the first course in our programme and also the start of your journey to an accredited HR qualification. Within this course you will learn the basics of how to work with a company’s best asset: it’s people! 

N5 Human Resource Management 

Following the completion of the N4 HRM, this second course will build on the basics as well as equip you with new skills. 

N6 Human Resource Management

The N6 certificate along with 18 months of practical work experience are the final steps to your National diploma and also a step closer to a fulfilling career! 

What will I learn? 

There are various different topics and skills you will learn in the Human Resource Management programme. The following are the subjects that will be covered in order to ensure you become the best HR manager possible.

  • Personnel Management 
  • Personnel Training 
  • Labor Relations 
  • Computer Practice 
  • Management Communication
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management


Benefits of Studying Human Resource Management 

Human resource managers are responsible for the hiring, training and guiding employees throughout their time at the company. All businesses are dependent on a good HR team and this is why this profession is highly regarded by employers. 

Growing field 

HR is one of the fastest growing fields, as businesses navigate labour laws and realise the value of managing employees well. There are many aspects to this field of work and good  opportunities for career progression. 

Working with people 

Working with people is a big part of Human Resource Management. You can expect to constantly meet all different types of characters and learn how to guide and navigate around each one of them. This is not only beneficial for your role as HR manager, but will also benefit your life outside of the office. 

Career opportunities 

No matter the business or industry, a good HR manager is essential. You can take your human resource skills to any company that aligns with your interests.

people putting puzzle pieces together like a human resource manager does

What are my career options and how much will I earn?

There are numerous jobs within the human resources field for you to explore! The following are a list of Human resources jobs and their yearly salaries according to Payscale:

  • Human Resource Manager: R302 237 
  • Training and Development Manager: R445 247
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager: R756 115
  • Labour Relations Manager: R413 881
  • Executive Recruiter: R305 209


Is this the right career for me?

The following are a few characteristics of a good Human Resource Manager:

Good communication skills

An HR manager needs to be able to effectively communicate with both employer and employees. Good communication skills will come in to play when conflict arises and will help you to mediate and find middle ground. Effective communication skills also include being clear and concise both orally and in writing.

Ability to motivate

A productive workplace is a motivated one. A good HR manager has a clear understanding of what and what does not encourage and inspire employees to work better and is able to implement it well. 

Leadership Skills

Employees often turn to HR when seeking help and leadership. In order to successfully offer guidance, a good HR manager should be able to find the balance between being approachable and knowing when to take control. 

Organisational skills

In hiring and managing staff there is a great deal of administrative paperwork to process. An organised person will thrive in this busy position.


Where can I Study 

There are various institutions all over South Africa that offer Human Resource Management courses. With Bellview Institute, you can obtain your qualification from the comfort of your home. We pride ourselves on giving our students  premium accredited courses along with the best service and support.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2020