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So you enjoy making budgets, keeping record of incurred expenses as well as income stream? You may wonder, “Is this enough reason for me to study bookkeeping and accounting?”. The answer is yes! Why not specialize in it and be a financial expert in your industry!

Can I study this course without matric?

This course  starts at NQF level 3. And they go up to NQF level 6. Whereas, matric is at NQF level 4.

Therefore these courses are accessible for students who do not have a senior certificate. Students start at a level below matric. Keep studying the programme, and course by course you will climb the ladder up to NQF level 6, which is two levels higher than matric.

The ICB has developed their courses to help students who did not complete their schooling, and who has to work and study at the same time. So you start with the easy concepts, and build on that foundation, until you are an expert!

ICB Bookkeeping Courses via Distance Learning

The ICB program comprises four different levels. Each level consists of several course subjects. 

The 4 levels are:

  • Foundation Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Upper Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

This is how you build up your qualifications; step by step.

As you progress with the programme, you will get recognition at the different levels. After completing the first four subjects, you will get your first qualification from FASSET, and your first ICB Programme Certificate.

Will an ICB Course in Bookkeeping and Accounting be the right fit for me? 

If you are passionate about numbers, and have a strong urge to study a financial related course then this is the right fit for someone like you!

These courses are perfect for individuals who are analytical and meticulous in their approach to life and work. If you are a typical “Type A” personality then an ICB course in bookkeeping and accounting will suit you. 

Courses we offer in Bookkeeping and Accounting studies 

Bellview Institute offers our students a comprehensive 4 level course. The course will take you through an introduction into bookkeeping all the way through the final advanced accounting.

Courses we offer include:

  1. Junior Bookkeeping Course
  2. Certified Senior Bookkeeper
  3. Technical Financial Accounting
  4. Certified Financial Accounting

Will this course be beneficial for me?

The course will be beneficial for anyone with or without matric, who wants to make a respectable living and obtain an accredited certificate at the end of their studies. 

Ultimately if the finance industry interests you, then this course will propel you into the  financial sector with credibility to back you. 

This course will further develop skills such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Leadership skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • And Critical Thinking

What is a Bookkeepers Salary

A bookkeeper earns a respectable income which is on average around R175 000 according to Payscale,  and ranges from job to job. The further you go with this course the more qualified you become. This means as you progress from certificate to diploma the earning potential is limitless!