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ICB Office Administration courses offered by Bellview Institute:

A hardworking and quick thinking manager is always a necessity to any successful business. Studying a Business Management course will equip you with an abundance of knowledge and skills that will prepare you for whatever the 9 to 5 may throw at you.

Our Courses

The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) offer a three level Business Management Programme which can be obtained through distance learning with Bellview! Each level builds on the previous and once all are completed you will have obtained a fully accredited Business Management Diploma.

Foundation Level

NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: Small Business Financial Management


LENGTH: 12 months


REQUIREMENTS : Grade 11 or equivalent


Intermediate Level

HIGHER CERTIFICATE: Office Administration


LENGTH: 26 months


REQUIREMENTS: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


Advanced Level

NATIONAL DIPLOMA: Financial Accounting


LENGTH: 36 months


REQUIREMENTS: Higher Certificate: Office Administration

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What will I learn

Throughout the programme you will gain extensive knowledge on the business world and possibly how to start your own! Subjects you can expect to cover are:

  • Business English
  • Business Management 1
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Business Literacy
  • Business management 2
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Financial statements
  • Human resource management and labor relations
  • Computerised Bookkeeping
  • Office and Legal Practice

Benefits of Studying Business Management

A Business Management qualification will prepare you for any career in the business world.

The following are skills you will acquire that will make you invaluable to any company:

  • Advantageous understanding of the business world
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Critical thinking
  • Presenting
  • Time management

What can I become and how much will I earn?

As a Business Manager your expertise and knowledge are endless which gives you the ability to explore a large variety of careers. Below are possible jobs and their average yearly salary according to Payscale:

Marketing Manager – R259 134

Payroll manager- R203 190

Business Analyst- R385 104

Is this the right career path for me?

Being equipped with the necessary skills is extremely important for a business manager. If you have some of the following characteristics, this career may be the perfect fit for you!

  • Good communicative skills
  • Confidence
  • Committed and Passionate
  • Problem solver
  • Creative
  • A Good leader

Where can I study?

There are various institutions all over South Africa that offer Business Management courses. With Bellview Institute, you can obtain your qualification from wherever you are based in South Africa! We pride ourselves on giving our students premium accredited courses along with the best service and support! If you do not meet the requirements to begin the Foundation Level , read more here to find out how you can begin.

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