The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) has made certain academic changes in 2021 regarding their Study Programmes. 

The Public Sector Accounting programme will be phased out as the ICB has made the decision to combine the Public Sector Accounting and Financial Accounting programmes.

Students will have until 30 July 2021 to register for the ICB Public Sector Accounting, and will need to complete their qualification before 30 July 2025

For Bellview Institute students, the final day for enrolments is 31 March 2021.

The N4 – N6 Financial Management programme is a great alternative for the ICB Public Sector Accounting.

In this 36 month accredited course you will receive:

  • Job specific knowledge 
  • 18 months Practical training 
  • Skills required for your chosen career

Available Courses

ICB Public Sector Accounting courses offered by Bellview Institute:

An accountant with Tax Invoice documents and a calculator on the desk

ICB National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting

Begin your career in Public Sector Accounting by doing this National Certificate course! Learn all the fundamentals of accounting and how to succeed!

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An accountant with Tax Invoice documents and a calculator on the desk

ICB Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

Dive deeper into the finance world by leveling up with this Public Sector Accounting Diploma course! Upgrade your certificate and succeed!

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An accountant with Tax Invoice documents and a calculator on the desk

ICB National Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

Earn your National Diploma by doing this Public Sector Accounting course and land your dream job running an effective finance department in government!

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If you want to make a difference in your community and you have a way with numbers, then studying a Public Sector Accounting course might be for you. You will gain all the skills you need to excel and the knowledge needed to impress.

What Do These Courses Entail

The ICB course programme consists of 12 subjects over 3 levels. First, you will start with the Foundation Level, then move onto the Intermediate Level. Finally, you will end it off with the Advanced Level. Each level builds on the last and as a result, equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

ICB National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting

NQF Level:         NQF L4 – SAQA ID 20352
Total credits:    120
Length:                 19 months

Higher Certificate: Public Sector Accounting

NQF Level:         NQF L5 – SAQA ID 20353
Total credits:    137
Length:                 26 months

Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

NQF Level:         NQF L6 – SAQA ID 20366
Total credits:     280
Length:                  36 months

Entry Requirements 

  • In order to enroll in the ICB Public Sector Accounting course programme you would need to have completed grade 11 or an equivalent to gain access to the Foundation Level course. After completing each level you will be able to start the next.
  • Once all three levels in the programme are completed you will then obtain your Public Sector Accounting National Diploma.
  • Read more on our entry requirements, to find out how you can begin. 


  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
  3. Public Accounting Administration (PAAD)
  4. Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)
  5. Business Literacy (BUSL)
  6. Financial Statements (FNST)
  7. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT)
  8. Technical Public Accounting (TPAC)
  9. Business Law and Accounting Control (BLAC)
  10. Corporate Strategy (CRPS)
  11. Management Accounting and Control Systems (MACS)
  12. Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks (FRRF)
  13. Research Theory and Practice (by short dissertation; topic: Public Accounting) (RTAP)

What Will You Learn?

By the end of your course, you would have gained knowledge and practical skills in your above mentioned subjects. As a result, you will have the ability to:

  • Administer public accounts
  • Help improve public sector financial management by adding value, efficiency, and productivity to government departments
  • Work as a qualified accounting technician in the public sector
  • Make a positive contribution to the country by improving public finance management
  • Contribute to the optimal use of state resources
  • Demonstrate a shift from cash to accrual accounting
  • Compile annual financial statements
  • Register with SAIBA as an Accounting Officer – once you meet their requirements
  • Work with Chartered Accountants and Auditors
  • Have a thorough understanding of accounting theory and practice, strategy, management accounting and regulatory frameworks

Your PoE

In addition to your study materials you will receive a portfolio of evidence per subject, which will include:

  • ICB Administration Guide
  • 3 Assignments 
  • 2 Tests
  • Answer Books

On the day of your final exam, you will take your completed PoE with you. All of your assignments and tests should be inside, along with your exam paper. Once you have finished your exam you will hand your entire PoE back to be marked. Results are then released 7 weeks after your exam.

"Become a Public Sector Accountant with Bellview!" written in blue on a white and green background with the Bellview and ICB logos and an illustration of a calculator and financial documents

Benefits of Studying Public Sector Accounting

1. Diverse Experience

Public accountants usually don’t work for only one company, sometimes they work for several at once. Because of this, they gain a broad client base from all different types of industries. As a result, they experience the way things work in different environments. This can be extremely beneficial to you if you decide to work independently.

2. Earning Potential 

Due to it being such a diverse experience you will gain knowledge and skills in many different areas. Therefore, it will make you more valuable to a company. More valuable usually equals higher pay.

3. Job Security

All companies need an accountant to run smoothly and effectively. In fact, if something was to happen and staff had to be laid off, your job would most likely be safe. Accountants play an important role in any company, therefore they are needed if the company wants to succeed.

4. Growth 

The role of accountants is constantly changing, it no longer includes only sitting behind a desk with your calculator. You are continuously learning new things! Therefore, growing and increasing your knowledge and skills as you go along.

What Does Public Sector Accounting Involve?

Public Sector Accounting allows you to work in the government, bringing the necessary skills to help it run more effectively. A public sector accountant assists with the management of the financial aspects involved in government businesses. It comes with a huge responsibility as some of the duties may include:

  • Ensuring the effective financial management of public money
  • Checking that funding is properly distributed 
  • Preparing and monitoring budgets and accounts 
  • Controlling expenditure and cash flow
  • Making financial decisions and advising key bodies and individuals

And so much more!

What Can I Become and How Much Can I Earn?

According to PayScale, a Public Accountant will receive an annual salary of R317 604. Other jobs you could apply for with your qualification could include:

  • Public Accounts Administrator 
  • Technical Public Accountant 
  • Financial Accountant

Is It the Right Course For Me?

If you are looking to make an impact and help your community, then this is for you! Whether it is directly or indirectly, public sector accountants spend a lot of time making a difference in people’s lives in the communities.

Some good qualities to have would be :

  • Communicates well
  • Leadership skills
  • Organized
  • Adaptable
  • Manages time well
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Critical thinking

Where Can I Study?

There are colleges all over South Africa that offer the ICB courses. Bellview Institute is a distance learning institute in South Africa that allows you to complete your course from the comfort of your home. 

Distance learning is ideal for those looking to kick-start their career while studying and improving their knowledge and skills at the same time!

Become The Best You, With Bellview!

If you have made your decision to further your career with Bellview, then register for our ICB Public Sector Accounting course today!

We aim to give all students the support and assistance they need in order to achieve their goals!

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