Further Education And Training Institute – What is It?

A Further Education and Training (FET) institute refers to education and training that is provided from Grade 10 to Grade 12. This FET education and training also includes career-oriented education and training offered in technical colleges, community colleges, and private colleges. In order for an FET College to be reputable, it has to be registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

Where does Further Education and Training fit into the educational system?

The educational system in South Africa consists of three bands, namely:

  • General Education (GE)
  • Further Education and Training (FET)
  • Higher Education (HE)

As you can see, Further Education and Training is right in the middle. The courses offered on this level are great for preparing you for a career in a certain field, because the courses focus on equipping the student with a skill set and knowledge that is applicable to a specific field.

Further Education and Training Institute? -FET Explained - Pencils in a cup

An FET college offers a wide variety of courses like ICB Bookkeeping Courses & ICB Entrepreneurship that each focuses on different skills and directions. The courses are developed in such a way to respond to the scarce skills needed by employers.   

Almost anyone can study at an FET college, as there are very few entrance requirements. The reason for this is that an FET college focuses on providing further education to as many students as possible.

There are many FET Colleges in South Africa. Some FET colleges are subject-specific – meaning that they only offer courses that focus on one specific field. Others offer a variety of courses, covering almost every field of interest.

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Date Published: October 19, 2020