Here are five things you can do to grow your career during Covid-19:

  • Attend Virtual Networking Events 
  • Take Online/Distance Learning Courses
  • Watch Job-Related Webinars 
  • Practice your Time Management 
  • Improve your Communication Skills

Attend Virtual Networking Events 

In a time where socialising is almost forbidden, attending
networking events seems almost impossible. 

There’s a solution for that – virtual networking events!

Most of these events have adapted to Covid-19, and have moved the online world. You can find virtual networking events through professional groups or sites such as Facebook or Linkedin.

For some tips on Networking during Covid-19, click here.

Take Online/Distance Learning Courses

With all this time spent at home, why not learn a new skill or two?

There are plenty of online and distance learning courses available to help you grow in your career. 

Find a remote learning course related to your job, and impress your team with all the new knowledge and skills you have gained.

Take a look at our selection of high quality, accredited courses.

Watch Job-Related Webinars 

A webinar is a meeting or presentation done online in real-time. 

Find webinars to attend that relate to your role or industry. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the career you are in, and gain some insight on how to grow in it.

If you know of any professionals in your field, take a look at their platforms for any upcoming webinars.

A young man sitting at his desk with a mask on trying to grow his career during Covid-29, bellview logo in the corner

Practice your Time Management 

While working from home, it is easy to get distracted and be less productive than you would be in the office. 

This can actually be the perfect opportunity to improve your time management. Not only will you be dealing with your daily tasks, but there may be chores around the house you need to do as well. 

Create a balance and find a way to do it all without falling behind or becoming overwhelmed.

Improve your Communication Skills

If you are working from home, communicating with your colleagues or manager can be complicated. 

Use this time to brush up on your communication skills. Think of ways you can communicate effectively and figure out how you can improve. 

Communication is an important soft skill used in every job, so it is a good one to develop during Covid-19.

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Author: Kayla Preston
Last Updated: 07 January 2021

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