When you are stepping into your first job, you need to be prepared for the workplace. Here are five tips you can follow:

  1. Be organised
  2. Manage your time
  3. Build professional relationships
  4. Have a professional attitude
  5. Be mentally prepared

Being prepared for the workplace will be noted by your boss. It will show that you care about your job and that you are willing to walk the extra mile. It will also have a positive effect on your work ethic, as being prepared makes the job easier.

Be organised

When you are taking on a new job with plenty of new responsibilities, it can become  overwhelming. That is why you need to plan ahead. You can do this by:

  • Creating a work calendar
  • Listing your tasks
  • Keeping a daily journal
  • Setting up a filing system for yourself
  • Keeping your computer organised (not opening too many tabs)

Being organised will also make it easier to work under pressure. During stressful times you won’t  have to worry about where everything is or what to do.

Manage your time

In order to get all your tasks done, plan how much time you want to spend on them beforehand. To predict how much time you will need will get easier over time as you learn from each day’s work.

Planning your time can be done on your daily journal or calendar. Make sure to set up your time schedule a few days before, so that you are ready for each day. It is also important to make space for unexpected situations, such as load shedding or having technical difficulties.  

Build professional relationships

Having good relationships with your colleagues is a crucial part of your development in the workplace. The people you work with on a daily basis will have a huge influence on how well you do your job.

Let your colleagues know that they can always press on your button. This way they know that you are someone who cares. 

Communication is the glue that keeps an office together. It is important to keep your colleagues informed about how you are keeping up with the work and what you need from them.

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Have a professional attitude

A professional attitude has many aspects, such as:

The way you dress

Make sure to choose outfits that are professional, appropriate and fit the company’s style. The way you dress is one of the first things people notice about you. Make it count.

The way you talk

Remember to keep your conversations professional and minimize casual slang. Keep in mind that a workplace is a space for professional excellence, so embrace it.

The way you deal with stress

In stressful times it may be hard to keep your emotions intact. Here are some dos and don’ts:


  • Talk to your boss about your workload.
  • Take a break.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Start earlier with tasks.


  • Don’t let your personal life intrude.
  • Make sure not to overwork yourself.
  • Stay away from conflict, especially when you are stressed.
  • Don’t just stay away from work when it gets stressful.

Be mentally prepared

To mentally prepare yourself for the workplace, you need to take time to process what is expected from you and what your expectations from the company are .

Before you walk into an office, prepare your mind by making a list of what you want them to think about you. For example,

“I want them to think I’m energetic, positive and kind.”

Then, make a list of the things you want to get out of the working experience. For example,

“I want to succeed, to have good relationships and to grow.”

Keep your mind busy with these lists, so that you can express those attributes and receive those desires.

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Author: Simoné Coetzee

Last Updated: 05 January 2021