How to Work and Study

One of the biggest concerns for working professionals wanting to develop their skills is whether it’s actually possible to manage the hard task of studying and working simultaneously. 

As daunting as it may sound, it is indeed possible to do both! 

Time management 

To successfully work and study at the same time, you will have to learn how to manage your time wisely. You can do this by creating a study schedule that is set according to your work hours and obligations. This will ensure that you make sufficient time for all your tasks for both work and study.

Create a routine

Managing your time includes daily, weekly and even monthly planning. If you strictly commit to your planning you will notice a routine naturally beginning to form. The best part is that because this routine formed unconsciously it will most likely be one that works best for you. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes things don’t always go the way we expect, do not let this discourage you. Always keep the objectives of your planning in mind. 

Stay informed & keep others informed

This is an incredibly important step to practice as things can easily become chaotic with both your work and study. You need to establish clear communication with your employers as well as your learning institution. If you have exams coming up, ensure that your employer is informed. Also, to avoid things becoming overwhelming make sure you are well informed about both upcoming work and study obligations. 

Take a break 

As vital as it is to maximize your spare time, your physical and mental health is just as important. To simultaneously work and study successfully, you cannot afford to neglect your health. To ensure that your time is balanced, factor small breaks into your routine. Get sufficient amounts of sleep and also keep your diet as nutritious as possible. The better you feel the better you will be able to work and study. 

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Studying Through Distance Learning  

Distance Learning is the perfect solution for the working professional. It allows you to develop your skills and even acquire new ones from the comfort of your home and on your own timeThis method of learning grants you the leeway to structure your studying around your limited and sometimes changing time schedule. 

Benefits of Distance Learning

Time flexibility – distance learning allows you to go through your course as fast or as slow as you need. This way you can schedule your studying around your work times and other commitments. 

Choose your location – you can study from anywhere in South Africa! No more classrooms or long commutes to campus. You decide on the where. 

Free time – working and studying can often leave you with no time for yourself and other activities that you love to do. But because distance learning is completely up to you, you can have more free time to spend with friends and family!


Where can I study 

There are various institutions all over South Africa that offer distance learning. With Bellview Institute, you can obtain your qualification from the comfort of your home. Our premium and career focused courses are catered to ensure that you can work and study simultaneously. We are dedicated to giving you exactly what you need, so that you can get qualified and advance your career in no time.

Not only are our courses of high quality but so is our support –  you are guaranteed of the best service and assistance when you need it.

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Author: Layla Theunissen
Last Updated: 08/09/20

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