How To Work And Study

Being a working student can be hard, but it is a beneficial experience. With Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, you can work and study at the same time.

Working and studying at the same time could seem overwhelming, but with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, you have nothing to worry about. It is easy to work and study with our distance learning courses. These are a few things you should remember when you prepare to work and study:

Plan Ahead

When you start your work/study journey, it would benefit you to check what the course requires from you, how many assignments and exams you have to complete and when they are due. This way you can keep track of what you need to do and create a plan for how you want to tackle the workload. 

Set Goals

Setting goals helps to motivate you and helps you remember why you are doing it. You can set weekly goals for the amount of time you want to spend studying or how much course work you want to do in the week. Setting goals helps with keeping you on track.

Create A Schedule

You can visualize what you need to accomplish by creating a schedule for yourself. Your schedule should include your due dates for the course you are studying and any obligations you have for work so that you can find a balance between the two. 

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills to have when you are studying and working at the same time. Finding the work-study-life balance can be a bit challenging, but if you have good time management skills you will be able to keep up with everything.

Inform Your Employer

Remember to inform your employer that you will be starting your studies and keep them updated on when your assignments are due and when you have to write your exams. They could help you out by allowing you to take time off work, lessening your workload, or just being lenient with deadlines.

Prioritize Your Health

Your mental and physical health should always come first. Make sure you take time for yourself to relax. You need to get a minimum of (7) seven – (8) eight hours of sleep and have balanced meals to keep your immune system strong and help you cope with stress. You can only do what you can do, do not overexert yourself. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working And Studying?

In life, there are always pros and cons. These are the pros and cons of studying and working at the same time:


  • You will have a source of income while you are studying
  • You will be strengthening your time management skills
  • You could get a job that aligns with what you are studying and gain work experience while you study
  • Already being in the work environment means you will be building connections through networking. These connections could assist you with your career once you complete your studies


  • Studying and working at the same time could be overwhelming
  • You might have a career that does not align with what you are studying. An example would be if you want to become an Educare professional, but you work in retail. Which means you will not have the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning in your studies
  • Managing your time and finding the balance between your job, studies, and personal life could be a bit tough at first

Where Can I Study A Distance Learning Course?

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers a great selection of distance learning courses that will help you gain a new qualification. Our courses are designed to provide you with the skill, experience, and knowledge to jump straight into the work environment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Studying A Distance Learning Course?

These are some benefits of studying a distance learning course:

  • Distance learning means that you will be able to study from anywhere in the country, and you can study at your own pace. Having flexible study hours benefits you when you are working and studying simultaneously.
  • The fact that distance learning can happen from wherever you are makes it more accessible for people in different countries to apply for one of our courses
  • Some of our distance learning courses gives you the opportunity to gain experience. For example, if you study our NATED Marketing Management course, you will be completing work based training which gives you experience as Marketing Manager.

How Can I Apply For A Distance Learning Course With Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning?

You can apply for one of our courses by:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, working while you are studying means you have an income, and if your job aligns with what you are studying you will be gaining experience while you study.

Whether you study before, after or while you are working, the outcome will be the same. There are benefits to studying before you work, after you work or while you are working, so you cannot go wrong either way you choose to do it. 

Although it may be tough, if you have good time management skills and make yourself a schedule, being a working student would be much easier.

Work involves putting everything you were taught while studying into practice, you already know what you are doing. Studying is learning something new and having to pass your assignments and exams. One might be easier than the other, but they could both be challenging.

These are some of the best study methods:

  • Studying in groups
  • Making sure you pay attention in class
  • Read through your work regularly
  • Make notes
  • Test yourself

Author: Jodie Brown
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: August 30, 2022