ICB 2022 Fees

The latest ICB fees are out and students can expect only a slight change in the fees. You can look at the registration, exam as well as RPL fees here.

The ICB Courses fees mainly have (3) three categories:

  1. The Registration Fees
  2. The Exam Fees
  3. The Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) Fees 

ICB 2021 annual registration course fee was R 380.  In 2022 the registration fee has gone up by only R20. This means that you will pay R 400 for the annual registration course fee in 2022. Here is the course price list for 2022.


Annual Student Registration Fee (No member benefits)

R 400


Assessment fees for Digital PoE (Paper and Online)

R 730

Assessment postponement fee per subject (Paper and Online)

R 300

Assessment late entry fee per subject (Paper and Online)

R 550

Assessment Re-mark & Examiners Report (fee per subject/learning Area)

R 1 150

Private Invigilator Admin Fee (Prior Approval Required)

R 2 000

Printed ICB Programme Certificate (including postage)

R 350

FASSET Certificate Reprint (including postage) T&C’s apply

R 350

Workplace PoE Assessments (Learnerships)

R 1 400


RPL/Exemption Application Fee

R 500

RPL/Exemption Fee per subject Accredited Prior Learning/Qualification (no POE Required)

R 420

RPL PoE fee per subject (PoE to be Completed)

R 975

What Are The Different Payment Methods For ICB Fees?

Here are the different payment methods that you may use for our ICB courses:

  1. EFT and Bank Payments 
  2. Credit, Debit and Instant EFT payment

EFT And Bank Payments 

You can find our banking details on the invoice that we will send to you once you register. The swift code for international payments is (FIRNZAJJ).

Credit, Debit And Instant EFT payment

You may also make a payment with your credit or debit card on the Student Portal. If you want to make an EFT payment, you need to click on the button “payment via Credit Card”. Once you have clicked this button, it will give you the option to make an EFT Payment on the Student Portal.

What Reference Number Should Students Use When Making A Payment?

Here are the payment options for South African students:

  • ICB reference number
  • South African ID number

Here are the payment options for non-South African students:

  • Contact ICB directly, and they will give you a reference number. This only applies if you are making a payment for the first time. Keep your reference number for the next time you make payment.

Can I Pay Cash?

No, you cannot pay cash. If you prefer cash payments, then you can pay the money into ICB’s FNB account and then send the proof of payment to them.

How Does The Registration Work For ICB?

Here are the five (5) steps that you need to take to register for ICB:

Step 1

Research which ICB Course you would like to register for. Here is a list of all the ICB Courses:

Bookkeeping and Accounting: ICB NQF 3 – NQF 6

Business Management: ICB NQF 4 – NQF 6

Office Administration: ICB 4 – NQF 6

Step 2

Find out if you qualify for the course you would like to complete. Here are the requirements for each ICB Programme:

Bookkeeping and Accounting: ICB NQF 3 – NQF 6

Business Management: ICB NQF 4 – NQF 6

Office Administration: ICB 4 – NQF 6

Step 3

Register at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. We have a simple registration process. You can:

Step 4

Become a Bellview Institute of Distance Learning student and gain all the benefits of completing a course with us:

  • Work and study
  • Adapt your study pace to your needs
  • Register any time
  • Gain specific skills that allow you to be work-ready
  • Study with or without a Matric
  • Get study material and support

Step 5

Get your first batch of study material. Once you have received your study material, you may read through the textbooks. 

We will also check up on you regularly and remind you about the ICB exam dates and ICB exam processes. You will then decide when you are ready for the exam.

Are The ICB Exam Fees Different For Distance Learning Students?

No, the exam fees for distance learning students are not different for distance learning students. The exam fees are the same for all students that register for the exam.

Can I Study Directly Through ICB?

No, you cannot study directly through ICB. They only administered the final exams, tests and assignments. They do not provide students with support or the necessary study material. 

This is why they have over 500 training providers that offer their courses, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning being one of the training providers.

How Can I Book ICB Exam?

To book an ICB exam, you have to register on the ICB Student Portal. Here are the steps that follow:

  1. ICB will email you with other digital platforms such as ICB MACCI
  2. Log into your ICB MACCI as soon as you are ready to complete the assignments and tests
  3. Once you have passed your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) which consists of the assignments and open-book tests with 50 % or more, you can decide if you are ready to write the final exam
  4. You will apply for the final exam in the ICB MACCI as well. You can do an online or paper-based exam

How Do I Register With MACCI?

Once you register on the ICB Student Portal, ICB will automatically send you the relevant information about other digital platforms, such as ICB MACCI. They will also send you a username and password. You will use the login details throughout your time with ICB.

How Do I Postpone My ICB Exam?

You can postpone your ICB exam by contacting ICB directly. You are only allowed to postpone your exam one. This has to be a valid reason, such as:

  • Being ill (You must have a sick note)
  • Death in the family (You must have a death certificate)

Does ICB Offer Recognised Qualifications?

Yes, ICB does offer recognised qualifications. Here is a list of the professional bodies in South Africa:

Are ICB Courses Accredited?

Yes, all of ICB’s courses are accredited by:

What Can I Do With An ICB Qualification?

You can do the following with your ICB Qualification:

  • Find entry-level positions in South Africa
  • Find entry-level positions in the UK
  • Apply for an internship related to your field of study
  • Apply for a learnership related to your field of study

Frequently Asked Questions

ICB stands for Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

You can cancel your ICB exam on the ICB MACCI platform.

Yes, ICB is SETA Accredited.

Yes, becoming a Certified Bookkeeper is with it because you will gain a scarce skill qualification, which in turn will make you more employable, and you can earn a decent salary.

You can become a Bookkeeper in South Africa by completing one of our courses:

  • Bookkeeping: ICB National Certificate
  • Bookkeeping: ICB FET Certificate
  • Certified Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Technical Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma

You can study bookkeeping online at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

It can take between 4 – 7 years to become a Financial Accountant.

You can study Financial Accounting at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. Here are the courses that we offer:

  • Certified Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Technical Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma

No, UNISA does not recognise ICB Qualifications, but they do recognise certain qualifications that are on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). All of our ICB Courses are on the NQF system. 

No, UNISA does not offer ICB Courses.

Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: May 25, 2022