Are you looking for a list of colleges in South Africa?  Here is the top colleges that we recommend:

  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • Ember Academy
  • Learning Group
  • The Decor School
  • Together We Pass
  • Home Study College
  • Beauty College
  • Beauty Schools
  • Skills Academy
  • Matric College
  • Matriek Kollege

It is well known that improving your qualifications will improve your chances of earning a higher salary. The higher your qualification, and the more years you have studied, the higher the trend is for income.

In South Africa, nearly 80 percent of students believe that their qualifications have prepared them to enter the workforce. Students expressed almost equally high confidence levels about job opportunities following graduation. Studies mean opportunities.  A career. And a good income!

What if I can’t get into University after school?

Whether it’s the limited space at Universities or the inability to meet the entry requirements, many students do not get the opportunity to study at a traditional higher learning institution. 

But do not let this discourage you! Study further at one of the many colleges South Africa has to offer. Plenty of college qualifications give you access to a degree further down the road. So starting out your studies at a college is a solid way to take your education to the next level.

Can I study at a college if I don’t have matric?

Of course you can! There are quite a few  accredited options, such as the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) qualifications, or CIMA qualifications. Neither of these require you to have a matric to get started.

List of distance learning colleges

Many students in South Africa do not come from a financial background that allows their parents to pay for their studies. This means that often you need to study and work at the same time.

Working and studying at the same time not only equips you with the knowledge but also the right amount of  work experience to land the perfect job. This gives you a distinct advantage over students who are looking for their first job after 4 years of further studies!

Here is a short list of highly recommended private distance learning colleges in South Africa:

list of colleges in south africa

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Written by:  Tabitha Bailey