NATED qualifications were designed in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. A NATED Qualification will give you the skills, experience, and knowledge you need for your career goals.

What Is A NATED Course? 

A NATED course consists of four courses, the N4 – N6 National Certificates and the N6 National Diploma course. The N4 – N6 National Certificates are theoretical courses, each course consists of four subjects. These courses are designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge you are going to need for your future career. 

The N6 National Diploma is a practical course, in this course you will be required to complete work based training for 18 months. This course will give you the work experience that will help you jump straight into the work environment.

Where Can I Study A NATED Course?

These are the colleges that offer NATED courses:

What Can I Gain From Studying A NATED Qualification?

This is what you will gain from studying a NATED qualification:

Industry Knowledge 

With a NATED course, you will gain industry knowledge, which will benefit you greatly when you are looking for a job. Employers will be much more interested in hiring you when you have industry knowledge because it means that you are knowledgeable about the industry you are going into.


When you study a NATED course you will be completing an N6 National Diploma which is a practical course. This course requires you to complete work based training, and having this practical training will make you more desirable to employers.

A Scarce Skill

If you study one of our NATED courses, you will be gaining a scarce skill. This improves your chances of gaining employment. Most people are not willing to move cities or to work in certain areas. 

With a scarce skill qualification, you have a greater chance of finding employment because you will not have to move to a new city to find employment. Employment will be readily available because you have gained a scarce skill, and these are skills that are considered in demand by employers.

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are skills that you can use in different careers, some transferable skills you could gain from studying NATED courses are:

  • Organisational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Communication skills

What NATED Courses Does Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning Offer?

At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, we offer great NATED courses that will set you up for a successful career. These are the NATED courses we offer:

Business Management Diploma Course

Our NATED Business Management Diploma course is designed to give you the skill and experience you need to be a successful Business Manager. These are the courses you will cover in the Business Management course:

Educare Diploma Course

The NATED Educare Diploma course will equip you with the skills and experience you will need to pursue a career in Educare and become a successful Educare professional. These are the courses that will be covered:

Financial Management Diploma Course

The Financial Management diploma course will help jump start your career in finance. These are the courses you will cover in the NATED Financial Management course:

Human Resource Management Diploma Course

Our Human Resource Management course will give you the knowledge, skill, and experience you will need to be a successful Human Resource Management professional. These are the courses you will be covering:

Legal Secretary Diploma Course

Our Legal Secretary course will equip you with the experience, skill, and knowledge you need to be an incredible Legal Secretary. Here are the courses you will be covering when you study a Legal Secretary course:

Management Assistant Diploma Course

The Management Assistant course will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you will need to become a successful Management Assistant. These are the courses that will be covered in the Management Assistant course:

Marketing Management Diploma Course

Our Marketing Management course will give you the skill and knowledge you need to become a successful Marketing Manager. These are the courses you will cover:

How Long Is A NATED Course?

The N4 – N6 National Certificate courses are 6 – 12 months long each, and the N6 National Diploma course is 18 months long. Should you decide to study the NATED course full-time, you will complete the course in 36 months. If you choose to do the NATED course part-time, you will complete the course in 54 months. 

Who Qualifies For A NATED Course?

To qualify for a NATED course, you will need to:

Can I Study A NATED Course Without Matric?

No, you cannot study a NATED course without a Matric Certificate. The minimum requirement to apply for any one of our NATED courses are:

If you did not finish your Matric or if you failed your Matric, then you can apply for our: 

NATED Courses Through Distance Learning

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is a private distance learning institution. What this means is that you will be able to complete any of our courses from the comfort of your own home. 

All your course work will be delivered to your home, and you will be completing all the course work and assignments from your home. The examination, however, will be written at a registered examination centre. 

What Is A NATED Course Equivalent To?

A NATED course is not equivalent to any other qualification. Even if the qualifications are registered on the same NQF level, they are not equivalent to one another. This is because NATED courses are designed by the DHET and have a specific purpose and exit-level outcome.

Who Accredits NATED Courses?

NATED courses are accredited by the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO). It is the responsibility of the QCTO to ensure that all qualifications and certificates are credible and meet all national and international standards.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying A NATED Course With Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning? 

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose to study one of our courses. These benefits include:

  • Study from anywhere in the country
  • You can work and study simultaneously
  • We offer online support systems
  • Access to study groups
  • Learn scarce skills
  • Create your own schedule

Application Process

If you are interested in studying any one of our NATED courses, here are the ways you can apply:

Frequently Asked Questions

NATED courses are funded by NSFAS, but our NATED courses are not funded by NSFAS because we are a private institution. We do offer payment methods that will help you pay for your studies.

No, unfortunately, you cannot apply to get into a University with a NATED qualification. This is because there is no correlation between university admission and NATED qualifications. You must meet these entry requirements to study at a university:

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree Pass
  • A good APS Score
  • Subjects required for the particular course that you are interested in

Yes, a NATED course is a great way for you to prepare yourself for the working world. Not only does a NATED qualification give you the knowledge to be the best in your career, but they also provide you with experience.

Yes, NATED courses are recognised and highly valued by employers. This is because these courses are scarce skill qualifications, accredited, and you gain work experience while completing these qualifications.

NATED is an acronym for National Accredited Technical Education Diploma, which are programmes that were developed under the guidance of the Department of Higher Education and Training. 

Author: Esmari Pool
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: August 24, 2022