What is NATED? 

NATED stands for National Accredited Technical Education Diploma. This education program is offered to individuals through the auspices of The Department of Higher Education & Training. The aim of this program is to award participants an accredited N6 Diploma after completing the course. 

Who are these Courses Accredited through?

The NATED courses are accredited by The Quality Council of Trades and Occupation or the QCTO. This forum was implemented according to the Skills Development Act of 1998. The QCTO is mandated to ensure that all qualifications and certificates are credible and meets national and international standards.

What is a NATED qualification equivalent to? 

The N5 qualification is equivalent to a Higher Certificate, and naturally N6 is equivalent to a Diploma . The NATED qualification at Bellview Institute goes up until N6, which means you could successfully complete a Diploma in your desired field of interest!

How long does it take to complete a NATED course?

The course as a whole takes 36 months or 3 years to complete. And is broken down into 2 parts, being theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is 18 months of actual assignments and “study”. Whereas the practical part is applied when you find work for 18 months that will gain you credits to complete the course successfully. 

N4 Certificate takes 12 months complete, broken down into 6 months of theoretical study and 6 months of practical work. After which you will gain you 60 credits and be awarded a National Certificate. 

N5 Certificate will take you 12 months to complete with an entry requirement of an N4 Certificate (6 months theoretical study and 6 months practical experience) . You will be awarded 60 credits and ultimately a N5 National Certificate. 

N6 Certificate will take you to Diploma level. The entry requirement is a N5 Certificate, and will gain you 60 more credits which will award you with a National Diploma. This course will be 12 months long, with 6 months theoretical study and 6 months practical experience. 

Once each of the 3 certificates are complete , you will have obtained 120 credits and a fully recognized and accredited Diploma

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Can I study a NATED course without matric? 

NATED courses unfortunately require matric as an entry level requirement. Alternatively, you may look into studying an ICB course. This course does not require matric and you can get cracking immediately. Additionally,  ICB courses are also internationally recognized qualifications (by over 100 countries worldwide) and will set you apart in any industry.

NATED courses through distance learning

These courses can be studied either on campus or through distance learning. Some students have no choice but to work and study simultaneously. With distance learning, you can maintain your professional life whilst upgrading your knowledge and skills. This method however, is not for everyone and needs to be carefully evaluated before taking the plunge!

Where can I study? 

Many tertiary institutions offer NATED courses as part of their course offering. Additionally, you should call to confirm with your institution of choice and they will verify whether the course is NATED or not. Bellview Institute, is a leader in distance learning with amazing support services. We offer NATED courses in subjects that aims to appeal to the masses and are sure to upgrade your knowledge.

What NATED courses does Bellview Institute offer? 

At Bellview Institute the opportunities from each course is truly endless. Moreover, these courses are inclusive meaning there is something for everyone! Check out the below list of NATED courses offered:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing Management 
  • Educare
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Secretary 
  • Management Assistant 

View our full course selection of NATED and ICB qualifications to find your potential perfect match in study!


Last Updated: 28/08/2020