Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is an accredited distance learning college. We offer a variety of courses that you can study after matric, or study without ever completing your matric

Benefits of Studying at Bellview Institute of distance Learning

  • Study anywhere in South Africa
  • Create your own schedule
  • Study while you are working
  • Affordable and high-quality education
  • Bellview’s support system
  • Bellview handles deliveries of your study material
  • Get your results fast
  • Access to study groups
  • Bellview offers many courses
  • Learn necessary skills to further your career
  • Learn scarce skills
  • Become more employable
  • Opportunity for higher-paying jobs 
  • Job security

Study anywhere in South Africa:

With Distance Learning, you will not have any physical classes. Thus, you can study anywhere in South Africa.

Create Your own Schedule:

You can study whenever you get the chance since there is no set schedule with Distance Learning. You simply need to make sure that you prepare for your examinations.

Study While You Are Working:

With no scheduled classes, you will have the time to work and complete your studies in your free time.

Affordable And High-Quality Education:

Distance Learning is generally more affordable than face-to-face learning. This is mostly because there are no extra traveling fees or payments for facilities.

Bellview’s Support Systems:

You can contact one of Bellview’s trained staff members if you have any queries. 

Bellview Handles Deliveries Of Your Study Material:

Once you have registered for one of our courses, you will receive all of the necessary study material within 5 to 7 days. This might take a little longer if you live outside of the big cities.

You Get Your Results Fast:

We understand that our students study hard and want their results fast. At Bellview we mark our students’ assignments and tests immediately.

Access To Study Groups:

Our students are given access to the Together We Pass platform where students can interact with and support each other.

Bellview Offers Many Courses:

Bellview has a wide variety of accredited courses you can choose from to improve your studies and get a head start in a career field. We also have courses you can study without a matric certificate.

Learn Necessary Skills To Further Your Career:

Each of our courses is aimed at equipping students with skills that are essential in work environments. With such a qualification, you will have much more career options.

Learn Scarce Skills:

Scarce skills are necessary for most business environments, yet not many people have these skills. This makes people with these skills in high demand. All our courses will provide you with a scarce skill.

Become More Employable:

Employers are more likely to hire someone with qualifications. Since we offer scarce skills and reputable qualifications, you will have a greater chance of getting hired.

Opportunity For Higher-Paying Jobs:

With scarce skills and a qualification, you are more likely to get hired for a higher-paying job. You will also likely be more eligible for a promotion.

Job Security:

We offer courses in job fields that are always in need. These job fields can never completely be taken over by Artificial Intelligence ensuring better job security.

Last Updated: Elzanne Louwrens