ICB Diploma: Office Administration

This Office Administration Diploma course is the last level to receiving your National Diploma! Impress employers with your broad skill-set and knowledge.

Course Summary

Course Name:
ICB Diploma: Office Administration
Certification Type:
Course Level:

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) has made certain academic changes in 2021 regarding their Study Programmes. 

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has deregistered about 200 qualifications. Four of those being ICB qualifications, including the Diploma: Office Administration.

Students will have until 30 July 2021 to register for the Diploma: Office Administration, and will need to complete their qualification before 30 July 2025

For Bellview Institute students, the final day for enrolments is 31 March 2021.


The N4 – N6 Management Assistant programme is a great alternative for the ICB Office Administration.

In this 36 month accredited course you will receive:

  • Job specific knowledge 
  • 18 months Practical training 
  • Skills required for your chosen career

ICB Diploma: Office Administration (Advanced Level)

The Office Administration Advanced Level is the last step before earning your Diploma. You will gain some Management skills and learn how to do Financial Statements. Impress all your future employers with your broad skill-set and extensive knowledge!

Throughout the levels, you will go deeper and deeper and gain even more valuable knowledge and skills that will allow you to take on key functions and responsibilities in the office environment.

Course Information

Certificate Type 

Diploma: Office Administration

Accredited by 

The Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO)

Awarded by

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) & FASSET

NQF Level 

Level 6




Overall Cumulative: 360


36 months

Entry Requirement

Matric Certificate


  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Business and Office Administration 1 (BOA1)
  3. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
  4. Business Literacy (BUSL)
  5. Marketing Management and Public Relations (MMPR)
  6. Business Law and Administrative Practice (BLAP)
  7. Cost and Management Accounting (CMGT)
  8. Business and Office Administration 2 (BOA2) 
  9. Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (HRLR)
  10. Economics (ECS)
  11. Business and Office Administration 3 (BOA3) 
  12. Financial Statements (FNST)
  13. Management (MGMT)

What Will You Learn?

By the end of your course, you would have gained knowledge and skills in the subjects above. As a result, you will have the ability to:

  • Communicate well in the business.
  • Do Bookkeeping up to Trial Balance
  • Apply your basic knowledge of Cost and Management Accounting
  • Use your basic skills in marketing and public relations, business law and  administrative practice
  • Apply a range of Office Administration techniques and Economics
  • Perform Human Resources and Labour Relations administrative task
  • Use your advanced knowledge of Office Administration and management Techniques, Financial Accounting and Reporting skills

What Can You Become?

Once you have received your Office Administration Diploma you can apply for managerial positions, such as:

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Manager 

Study Materials

You will have the option to choose between the two packages listed below:

Standard Material:

This package has been created by Bellview Institute around the Textbook from the official ICB publishers. 

The Standard material package includes:

  • ICB Textbooks
  • Bellview Study and Workbook guide
  • Bellview Solution Guide
  • Assessment Guide
  • Exam Trial Paper 


PRO Material:

The PRO material package is for those students who need extra help, as it includes a few extras to assist. All the study material and videos come directly from the official ICB publishers. 

The PRO material package includes:

  • ICB Textbooks
  • ICB Study Guide
  • Bellview Assessment Guide
  • USB with videos to boost studying
  • Two Trial Exam Papers on the USB

(It should be noted, the USB is an extra to help with your studies. The videos test your knowledge, it does not replace your study material.)

Assignments and Examinations

Portfolio of Evidence

Once you have paid your registration and exam payments you will receive your Portfolio Of Evidence (PoE). You will receive a PoE per subject, and each one will include:

  • ICB Administration Guide
  • ICB Tests and Projects
  • Answer Books

For each subject, you will have 3 assignments to complete and two tests. The tests will take place at the ICB approved assessment venues in South Africa.

Your complete PoE will be handed in the day of your final exam and will contribute 30% towards your final mark.


You will also be required to write a final exam for each subject, which can take place in either:

  • February 
  • May 
  • July
  • September
  • November

Results are released 7 weeks after the exam. It will be found on the Trainee Website as well as emailed to students.

Your exam will contribute 70% towards your final mark.

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Last Updated: 22 January 2021