When you set goals you not only create a vision of what you want things to look like in the future, but you also come up with a plan to get there.  Follow these five steps to set goals:

  1. Know what you want to achieve 
  2. Set SMART goals 
  3. Write your goals down 
  4. Think of short-term goals 
  5. Create an action plan 

1. Know What you Want to Achieve 

The first step to effective goal setting is knowing what you want to achieve and why.

Ask yourself what you are hoping the outcome will look like. This will ultimately become your end goal that you will work towards.

Focus on one thing at a time, so that you don’t become overwhelmed and end up not achieving any of them.

2. Set SMART Goals 

When setting goals, make sure they meet the SMART strategy criteria: 


Your goals need to be clear and answer the five W’s:

  • Who 
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where


Include amounts and dates so that you can track your progress towards your end goal. If it is not measurable, how will you know when it has been achieved?


Your goals need to be realistic. You are setting yourself up for failure if you set goals you know you cannot achieve.


They need to be relevant to your desired outcome. The purpose is to help you get closer to achieving it.


Set a deadline for achieving your end goal. This will create a sense of urgency and motivate you.

3. Write your Goals Down 

Write your goals down so that they become a reality. 

Display them around you or on your phone so that you are constantly reminded about them. You will remember why you set them in the first place, and in return you will remain motivated throughout.

Write them down in a positive and determined way. Use words like “I will” instead of “I want to”.

The five steps to set goals written on a notepad, on a desk with an envelope and coffee mug next to it. With the Bellview Logo in the corner

4. Think of Short-Term Goals 

Create smaller steps, short-term goals, to help you reach your desired outcome. 

Having short-term goals in place will ensure that you stay motivated and work harder every time you complete one.

5. Create an Action Plan 

After following all the steps to set goals, you need create an action plan to determine how you will meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Your action plan should include the end goal you want to achieve and all the steps you need to take to get there.

Think of individual steps and tasks you need to do, and when you plan to do each one.

How do I Stick to My Goals?

Sometimes people set goals for themselves only to become demotivated and forget about them. Below are some tips to help you stick to the goals you have set:

  • Reward yourself every time you complete a task or a goal 
  • Remember why you set the goal in the first place 
  • Visualise the end result 
  • Tell your friends and family so they can hold you accountable 
  • Surround yourself with reminders and motivational quotes 

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Kayla Preston
Date Published: 06 January 2021