What Are My Options If I Have Poor Matric Results?

Getting poor Matric results does not mean you will not be able to further your studies or find any employment. There are many options available for you.

The best option is to retake your Matric exams and achieve better Matric results. If you want to enrol in a specific course at a university or college, you must first meet the entry requirements for that course. 

Your chances of getting into your desired course are reduced if your Matric results are poor. Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers a variety of courses for you to improve your Matric results, as well as courses that do not require Matric as an entry requirement.

What Causes Poor Matric Results?

Here are some reasons why students might perform badly and receive poor Matric results:

  • Discipline problems in classrooms
  • Children living in poverty who cannot afford to attend school every day
  • Students who must work to support their families do not have enough time to study
  • Teenage pregnancy prevents students from finishing all of their exams or having time to study
  • Students are too shy and afraid to ask questions, and they do not understand the curriculum material
  • Students do not know how to study effectively and are surrounded by too many distractions
  • Classrooms are overcrowded, and there are not enough textbooks and study materials for everyone
  • Poor time management skills and not enough time to study before an exam

How Do I Deal With Disappointing Matric Results?

Here are some tips on how to handle disappointing Matric Results:

Speak to someoneIf you are unsure how to deal with the disappointment of receiving poor Matric results, you can talk to a family member, a close friend, or, if you prefer, a professional
Do not panicTake a deep breath after receiving your results, do not panic, and remain calm. There are ways to retake the exams and improve your grades
Do something funExams are stressful for everyone, and regardless of the outcome, you should be proud of yourself for completing them. Treat yourself to something nice, and then you can think about how to solve your problem
Learn from your mistakesTake a look at all the places you might have gone wrong, such as sections of work you have not covered, using incorrect study methods, or cramming the night before. When you write your exams again, try to avoid these mistakes
Do not compare yourself to othersAfter the Matric results have been released, do not compare them with your friends and other classmates. Not everybody has the same strengths and methods of studying. Keep your results to yourself to avoid further disappointment
Have a backup planThere are many ways you can redo your Matric examinations and get better grades. Sit down and do some research on your available options

Can I Redo My Matric Year?

Yes, you can redo your Matric year. If you so wish, you can re-enrol in your Matric year at your high school and redo all of your school work, assignments, tests, and examinations. However, you must be younger than 21 years old to be able to do this. You will be attending school again like a normal high school student.

How Can I Improve My Matric Results?

You can improve your Matric results by applying for one of the following programmes:

What Is A Matric Upgrade?

A Matric Upgrade is a course that you can take if you have already completed your Matric exams, and you are unhappy with the results you received. You can register for a Matric Upgrade and redo the subjects you want to improve. You can also add vital subjects to your Matric certificate, which will allow you to further your studies in a specific direction.

Who Qualifies For A Matric Upgrade?

You are eligible for a Matric Upgrade if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are 21 years or older
  • You have already written your Matric exams
  • Apply with your final Matric results or incomplete Matric results

How Many Times Can I Upgrade My Matric Results?

You can upgrade your Matric results as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the results. You can apply as long as you are 21 years or older. Take your time, and concentrate on your studies. Do not rush into universities or colleges. First, get the necessary results, and then apply with confidence, knowing that you meet the entry requirements.

Is Upgrading Matric A Good Idea?

Yes, upgrading your Matric results is a good idea. You will be able to do the following:

  • Get a higher APS on your Matric certificate
  • Add new subjects to your Matric certificate, which you will need for university entrance
  • Get a higher Matric pass to study the qualification you want
  • Want to improve your current subject marks to meet university or college entry requirements
  • Pass the subjects you have failed to complete your Matric certificate

What Is A Matric Rewrite?

A Matric Rewrite is your second opportunity to rewrite your Matric exams. You can apply for this programme as soon as you receive your Matric results. If you are unhappy with your results in one or more of your subjects, you do not have to rewrite all of them. You can only rewrite the subjects you want to improve on or pass.

After registering for the Matric Rewrite at our college, you must also register for the Matric exams before one of these dates, depending on when you want to rewrite:

  • Before 8 February 2023 to rewrite in May/June 2023
  • Before 15 March 2023 to rewrite in October/November 2023

Who Qualifies For A Matric Rewrite?

You qualify for a Matric Rewrite if you meet the following:

  • You are younger than 21 years old
  • You have already written your final Matric exams
  • You can apply with your final Matric results or your incomplete Matric results

Where Can I Study For A Matric Rewrite?

At Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, you can study for a Matric Rewrite even after 5 years. We will assist you in obtaining all of your study materials and textbooks for your exams. We will also help you register for the Matric exams, which can be taken in May/June or October/November.

Why Should I Do A Matric Rewrite?

You should do a Matric Rewrite because it will help you get better marks and a higher pass level on your Matric certificate. If you want to study at a university, you must have a bachelor’s pass, which can be obtained by earning higher grades.

Some courses also require you to have a certain percentage for your subjects, which rewriting specific subjects can help you achieve.

What Is An Amended Senior Certificate?

An Amended Senior Certificate (SC) is for students who did not complete their Matric Certificate and left school at an earlier age. You can apply for this course with only a grade 9 certificate.

If you are over the age of 21 and are unable to apply for the Matric Rewrite Programme, or if you have too many subjects to upgrade through the Matric Upgrade Programme, you can apply for the Amended Senior Certificate programme to complete your Matric and achieve good results.

How Do I Qualify For The Amended Senior Certificate?

You will qualify for the Amended Senior Certificate if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are 21 years or older when you write your first examinations
  • You have a Grade 9 report or Grade 9 Equivalent that contains two (2) official languages

Do Universities Accept Amended Senior Certificates?

Yes, universities do accept Amended Senior Certificates. The value of an Amended Senior Certificate (SC) is the same as that of a National Senior Certificate (NSC), which is a NQF Level 4 and is accredited by Umalusi. With this certificate, you can apply to any higher learning institution.

How Many Subjects Do I Need To Obtain An Amended Senior Certificate?

To pass an Amended Senior Certificate (SC), you must pass five (5) of the six (6) subjects. However, to ensure that your Matric certificate looks good to universities, colleges, or employers, we recommend that you pass all of your subjects.

What Is The Difference Between a National Senior Certificate And An Amended Senior Certificate?

Here are the differences between a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and an Amended Senior Certificate (SC):

National Senior Certificate (NSC)Amended Senior Certificate (SC)
Study through high schoolStudy at a college
Be younger than 21 yearsBe 21 years or older
Complete classes, assignments, tests and examsOnly complete Matric exams
Need to pass six (6) subjectsNeed to pass five (5) subjects

Can I Get A Job If I Did Not Pass Matric?

Yes, you can still get a job, even if you do not have a Matric certificate. It might be a bit difficult because a Matric certificate is usually a minimum requirement. But there are jobs out there that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to be able to do the job.

What Jobs Can I Do Without Matric In South Africa?

Here are some job opportunities you can apply for in South Africa that might do not require a Matric certificate:

Please keep in mind that each job has its own requirements, and not all the jobs listed above can always be applied for without a Matric certificate. Please read the application requirements thoroughly before you apply.

Which Courses I Can Do Without A Matric Certificate?

Here is a list of courses you can apply for at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning if you do not have a Matric certificate:

ICB CourseEntry Requirement
Bookkeeping: ICB National CertificateGrade 10 Certificate or an Equivalent
Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate

Grade 11 or an Equivalent


Bookkeeping: ICB National Certificate

Bookkeeping: ICB FET CertificateBookkeeping: ICB National Certificate

If you were unable to complete your Matric certificate or did not meet the minimum pass requirements, this does not prevent you from furthering your studies

You will be able to learn skills and knowledge on how to work in an organisation and build a successful career for yourself by taking the courses mentioned above.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying With Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning?

Studying with an accredited distance-learning college holds many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Study from anywhere in South Africa
  • Study materials are delivered directly to your doorstep
  • Work and study at the same time
  • Create your own study schedule
  • Save on travelling costs 
  • Have an online student support system

How Do I Apply?

Applying for one of our Matric programmes can be done by contacting us in one of these ways:

frequently asked questions

No, you will need at least a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Amended Senior Certificate (SC) which is an NQF Level 4, to apply for SAPS.

You can survive without Matric by doing one of the following:

  • Study a course without Matric
  • Apply for entry-level job positions
  • Start your own business

You are allowed to fail one (1) subject in your Matric year, and you will still be eligible to receive your completed Matric certificate, provided the subject you did not pass is not your home language.

No, you cannot improve or rewrite any subjects at Unisa. You can only study courses at Unisa after you have completed your Matric certificate and met the entry requirements of their courses.

In 2022, the province with the lowest Matric pass rate was Limpopo, with a pass rate of 66.7%.

Author: Esmari Pool
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: January 24, 2023