Career centered courses allow students to focus and prepare for the one career field they are most interested in pursuing. These courses are also known as:

  • Vocational training 
  • Career education
  • Skills development

This method of education equips you with real work skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge only. It teaches you how to handle the day-to-day duties that you will be doing in your specific profession.

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Benefits of a Career Centered Course

If you’re considering studying a  career centered course, here are a few of its biggest benefits:

Specialised Training 

The most important benefit of a career centered course is that you get specialised training in your career industry.

 Career colleges offer programs and courses that focus on learning unique skills that are practical for the workplace. After completing your programme, you will leave college as an expert with experience in your field.

Better job opportunities

Most career centered courses not only equip you with specialised training but a certain level of experience as well.

 This experience will make you an asset to any company and will therefore increase your job opportunities.

Flexible Schedule

Career focused education is designed to help students who may be juggling a job or family. 

Flexible class schedules include options for evening, weekend or online education. Distance Learning is also a great option if you are trying to progress your career, it will allow you to work full time while studying.

What Can I Study 

Bellview Institute is a private distance learning college that offers a variety of accredited career focused courses.

We are registered by the DHET and also offer ICB courses along with carefully selected NATED programmes. 

Here are a few of our career centered courses:

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Author: Layla Theunissen
Last Updated: 21/01/21