Why is Work Experience Important?

Work experience helps you to gain insight into the work environment, as a result it prepares you for a successful career. Not only are there loads of advantages but you also gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become the ideal candidate. The options are endless and your life is made so much easier. You no longer need to struggle to find a job or be let down when it has that dreaded “…minimum 2 years experience” sentence. 

8 Professional skills you gain from work experience 

Work experience can help you gain the skills your future employer might be looking for.

1. Decision making and problem solving skills 

Companies want people who can take initiative and seek solutions to problems on their own. Having work experience has allowed you to see what this is like. In fact, it helps you to be able to deal with small problems that may arise instead of looking helpless and constantly running to someone else. Therefore, you become self-reliant and start trusting the decisions you make.

2. Interpersonal skills 

Interpersonal skills are the skills you need and use to communicate with others. Communication is key in the workplace. Knowing how to deal with people in every situation is important. Similarly, it is good to get along with others and form work relationships so that you can all work well together.

3. Confidence

Having a job boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Although, it may be intimidating doing something new at first and you may struggle and doubt yourself. When you learn how to do something it makes you more confident with each try. With this in mind, it does get easier after time and as a result enhances your professional growth. Employers want someone who is confident in what they do and not second guessing everything.

4. Team Work

The team is the foundation of the company. To get the most out of work, employers want you to be able to work well in a group. However, some people like to do things by themselves and think they can do a better job that way. Remember, your strengths may be someone else’s weakness, vice versa. You can learn so much from your team members and for this reason, lift each other up when needed. 

5. Maturity 

Maturity comes with experience not age. You are influenced by the people you are surrounded by. Working with more professional people allows you to learn from their experience and knowledge. Therefore, you gain insight on their perception of things. If you are around lazy people all day you are likely to become lazy too. Surround yourself with people who challenge you!

6. Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is not taught in a classroom, it is something that can only be learnt by seeing and doing. The work environment is the perfect place to learn. In fact, you will see how people act and communicate. A working person needs to be professional, and know how to handle situations appropriately.

7. Time management  

One of the most important skills the work environment will teach you is how to manage your time. Because of this, you will become so much more organized and be able to work efficiently and prioritize your tasks. In addition, you learn how to structure your work in order to reach your goals. Some tasks require more urgency and attention than others, so this skill is highly beneficial to not only you but your employer too.

8. Responsibility  

Being responsible, reliable and trustworthy are important qualities employers look for in potential employees. In most cases, having work experience helps you learn these things. You learn how to be punctual and flexible. As a result, learn how to get work done on time and know how to improve your performance. Employers trust employees more who have these qualities. When it is expected, you will know how to take control.

Advantages of having work experience 

Having work experience could be so beneficial to you in the future. There are so many advantages that come with it. You have access to more jobs, gain knowledge and skills, get to  upgrade your CV and so much more.

Here are a few of the many benefits:

More job opportunities 

Majority of job listings these days require some sort of job experience. Having work experience enables you to apply to more jobs than if you didn’t. Having experience in different fields also broadens your job search as you don’t need to limit your search to one specific job.

Gives your CV a boost 

Have you ever compared your CV to someone else’s and almost felt embarrassed? Work experience allows you to broaden your CV a little more. Not only do you have a better chance at going for an interview and impressing potential employers, but you also feel more confident.

Chance to branch out 

Gaining experience in different industries gives you the opportunity to move into a different direction. It will be easier to switch lanes if you decide that the one you are in at the moment is not for you anymore. You might already have the necessary experience and skills needed.

Helps you decide what to do 

Can’t decide exactly what you want to do? Work experience allows you to work in many different environments. It gives you the opportunity to figure out what you like or dislike. What you have a passion for and enjoy the most and where you fit in and excel. 

Allows you to put theory into practice 

You might think you have learnt everything you need to know to get the job done properly. However, there is a big difference between being taught and actually doing something. There needs to come a time where you put everything you have learnt from your studies into action. Practice makes perfect!

Gain extra knowledge 

Reading about things online or in books only gives you the knowledge on the basics. Work experience allows you to learn beyond what you thought you knew. There are so many things you will see and learn that you might not even have thought about. Additionally you will learn more about what goes on behind the scenes and how tasks should be dealt with. 

You will broaden your network 

In the workplace you will work alongside many professionals. Not only will these people teach you the ins and outs but they might be the people who open doors for you. Always make good impressions and maintain relationships. These people could point you in the right direction or maybe even offer you a permanent position at the company.

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How do I get work experience?

Some people are after work experience and don’t know where to get started. Sometimes it requires you to go out and contact various companies. Find out who might be willing to accommodate you on gaining that work experience you are in need of. 

Here are some ways to help you get started:


An internship is a period of short-term job offered by companies to help people looking to gain experience. It is usually only for a short fixed period of time and can either be paid or unpaid. You get the chance to work in the environment and see how things are done. Furthermore, you will also improve your knowledge and skills in that industry. 

Job Shadowing 

Job shadowing is usually unpaid and only takes up a part of your day. You get to follow a person around and see what happens in their daily work routine. As a result, you gain an inside perspective on your possible future and see what you might expect one day. Do your research and find suitable companies. Don’t feel discouraged when companies decline, not everyone might be up to it. Pick up the phone and call the next!


Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in a company without the long-term commitment. Although it is unpaid, you gain experience and learn new skills that will be more beneficial to you in the future. You can offer your help at companies, simply call or email – no one will turn down free labour! In addition, you get to be involved and see how things are done in the workplace.


Ready to gain those professional skills?

Bellview Institute has a variety of accredited courses to choose from to help working professionals level up in their career.  Not only will you be gaining new knowledge and skills, but also some working experience!

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