Why Study Educare

Are you considering a career in education? Is developing young minds your calling? 

Working with children in the early stages of their lives is an extremely rewarding career. An Educare course is exactly what you need to get qualified and begin grooming our future leaders. 

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What is Educare exactly?

Educare is a specialized field of education. It equips you with all the skills and information you need when teaching children who are in the developing stages of their lives. You will essentially be learning things that lay the groundwork for their future educational development. You will learn:

  • Numeracy 
  • Language skills   
  • First aid & what to do in an emergency 


Our Educare Courses 

The Educare programme is broken down into three courses; N4, N5 and N6. These three courses combined, along with 18 months of practical training will give you a fully accredited National Diploma. 

N4 Educare 

This is the beginning of your road to an Educare qualification. This section introduces you to what educare is and the skills needed to teach children aged 5 and up. This course requires grade 12 to begin and is a 12 month certificate.

N5 Educare

This is the second of three 12 month courses required to get your National Diploma. You need to have completed the N4 Educare course to register for this one as you will now begin building on your knowledge of the basics.  

N6 Educare

This is the last course in the programme which will prepare you for real-world experience. The N6 Educare certificate along with 18 months of practical work experience are the final steps in receiving your National Diploma: Educare. 


Characteristics needed to study Educare

Successfully teaching young minds requires a mixture of education, experience and certain natural characteristics. While education and experience will come with time and studying, you may already possess the traits of a good teacher. 

Some of these traits are:

  • Patience 
  • Passionate about children
  • Caring nature 
  • Working well under pressure
  • Effective communication 


What jobs do I qualify for with this course?

There are quite a few job options in the Childcare field available, here’s what you will qualify for:

Creche teacher 

Work with young children and infants and help develop their bright young minds with educational games and fun creative activities. 

Au pair 

Take your National Diploma abroad and care for your host family’s little ones. Your responsibilities may include dropping and picking up the children from school as well as helping with homework. 


How much will I earn?

Salaries may vary depending on where you are employed and other outside factors. However, according to Payscale, these are the average yearly salaries for the following jobs:

  • Day Care/ Creche teacher –  R31 000
  • Au Pair – R53 000


How much will it cost to study Educare?

The cost of your Educare course is all dependent on where you choose to study. Studying through distance learning is usually much cheaper and of course extremely flexible!

To find out more about our fees at Bellview, contact us or fill in a form and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Why choose Bellview 

With us, you can obtain a fully accredited and recognized qualification. Best part is that all of this can be done from the comfort of your home without having to compromise on any of your other commitments!    

More benefits of studying with us: 

  • Study where and when it suits you
  • We offer the best service 
  • Receive engaging support 

Register with us today and fulfill your calling to develop the leaders of tomorrow!

Author: Layla Theunissen

Last Updated: 23 July 2020

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